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Fiber Coupler, Six-Axis, Connectorized Singlemode Fibers
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Fiber Coupler, Five-Axis, Bare Singlemode Fibers
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Fiber Coupler, Six-Axis, Bare Polarization Maintaining Fibers
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5-axis Coupling Control

Single-Mode Fiber Couplers provide precise, efficient single-mode coupling of a laser beam into an optical fiber. Fine translation is obtained in these couplers with five-axis positioning that does not alter the angular orientation of the fiber end face relative to the focused incident beam, unlike many conventional couplers. Fine-tuning tilt adjustments of the lens/fiber-holder assembly, controlled by 100-pitch adjustment screws, introduce only a second order translation of the beam.

Polarization Maintaining Fiber Coupling

The F-916 Polarization Maintaining Fiber Coupler offers coupling into single-mode PM optical fibers in the same way as Model F-915, but adds a rotatable chuck mount for coupling laser light to the polarization-preserving fibers. The same fibers and chucks as Model F-915 are compatible with this coupler, but are rotated with the additional scaled mounting feature. Model F-91-C1 provides similar functionality to Model F-916 for connectorized patch cables.

Fiber Chucks and Holders

We offer a variety of Fiber Chucks and Holders for bare or connectorized fiber. The preferred fiber chucks for use with the F-915, F-915T and F-925 are the FPH-J four-jaw fiber chuck with Teflon liner for fibers less than 250 microns in diameter, and the FPH-DJ Delrin-jawed chuck for fibers 250 microns to 1 mm diameter. The FPH-S and FPH-S-2.5 slotted fiber chucks for fibers of 100-200 micron diameter are most often used with the F-916, F-916T and F-926because of their quick insertion and stress free holding capability. The FPH Series connectorized fiber chucks FPH-CAx are designed for use with Models F-91-C1, F-91-C1-T and F-92-C1.