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Singlemode Fiber Coupler, M-20X for Free Space Lasers
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Singlemode Fiber Coupler, F-LA22 for Laser Diodes
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Free-space Laser Light Coupling

Our F-1015 Precision Single-Mode Fiber Coupler works to couple visible, free-space laser light in the core of a single mode fiber with 0.1 µm beam positioning resolution. An input iris makes these couplers even easier to align, centering the laser beam on the steering lens, which is mounted in a precision X-Y translation assembly with 100 pitch adjustment screws. This causes a second-order translation of the focused beam across the fiber end-face, with negligible changes of incident angle at the fiber face. The steering lens included is model M-20X Microscope Objective with multilayer dielectric AR coating and 9 mm effective focal length. The whole system is housed in compact, anodized aluminum frame.

Diode Laser Light Coupling

The F-1015LD Precision Single-Mode Fiber Coupler is made to couple a laser diode source to an optical fiber using the same mechanisms as Model F-1015. The F-1015LD has a steering lens with an AR coating for high transmittance at 850, 1300, and 1550 nm. It comes equipped with an F-LA22 Laser Diode Aspheric Objective Lens with an effective focal length of 11 mm. This system works best with Model FPH-J four-jaw fiber chucks (fibers <250 µm diameter) or FPH-DJ Delrin-jawed chucks for (fibers 350 µm -- 1 mm), but is still compatible with Models FPH-S and FPH-S-2.5. Slotted fiber chucks can also be used.

Compatible with FPH Series Bare Fiber Chucks

These systems are sold without fiber chucks to provide compatibility to the largest range of fiber diameters. For optimal performance, a collimated beam should be incident on the coupler, easily achievable with a variety of Newport's Fiber Coupling Optics. The FPH-J four-jaw fiber chuck has Teflon lining, made for < 250 µm diameter fibers while the Model FPH-DJ Delrin-jawed chuck houses fibers 300 µm - 1 mm. The FPH-S and FPH-S-2.5 are slotted fiber chucks for fibers between 80 µm and 200 µm.