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Optical Fiber Positioner, XYZθXθY, Singlemode, 8-32
Optical Fiber Positioner, XYZθXθY, Singlemode, M4
Fiber Coupling Kit, Singlemode, 9091, FC and ST Connectors, 8-32
Fiber Coupling Kit, Singlemode, 9091-M, FC and ST Connectors, M4



Five-axis Alignment Control for Single Mode Fibers

Ideal for single-mode-fiber applications, the 9091 five-axis fiber positioner has all motions independently and firmly connected to a single base, giving you incredible 0.02-µm resolution per 5° turn, coupled with unparalleled stability. Fast and easy X-Y alignment is enabled by side-mounted screws. An additional pair of X–Y adjustment screws provide fine resolution, internally turning the coarse-adjustment screws via a cam. The fiber end is mounted with independent tip/tilt control, driven by three adjustment screws. For easy control of Z motion, a central knob, attached to a planetary gear, couples the motion of the three screws. The knob turns all three screws simultaneously to provide pure Z translation when used alone, and tip/tilt motion when used while an Allen key holds one of the accessible screws stationary.

Coupling Kits Provide Required Components for Fiber Launching

The 9131(-M) Fiber Coupling Kits include the 9091(-M) aligner along with the model 9092(-M) fiber aligner coupler body, 9123NF objective body, 9126 ST adaptor, and 9127NF FC adaptor, to fit most fiber launching requirements.