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Tilt Platform, Two Axis, Right-Handed, 561 Series
Tilt Platform, Two Axis, Left-Handed, 561 Series
Tilt Platform, Two Axis, Right-Handed, 562 Series
Tilt Platform, Two Axis, Left-Handed, 562 Series
Tilt Platform, Two Axis, Right-Handed, M-561 Series
Tilt Platform, Two Axis, Left-Handed, M-561 Series
Tilt Platform, Two Axis, Right-Handed, M-562 Series
Tilt Platform, Two Axis, Left-Handed, M-562 Series
Goniometer, 561 Series
Mounting Bracket, Goniometer, 561-GON
Mounting Bracket, Goniometer, Metric



Pitch & Yaw Stage Mounts Directly to XYZ Stage

561-TILT and 562F-TILT Tilt Platforms provide two-axis (θYθZ) angular alignment of mounted fibers and mounts securely on the 561 and 562 ULTRAlign linear stages. Fiber and device holders mount to the tip/tilt platforms with the same rail mechanism as the supporting linear stage. Both the 561-TILT and 562F-TILT stages are made of stainless steel for robust control, utilize precision 100 TPI adjustment screws, and are available in right or left-hand configurations. Model 561-TILT provides a load capacity up to 5 lbs. (22 N) with a step sensitivity of 5 arc sec, while model 562F-TILT has a sensitivity of 2 arc sec, but a lower load capacity of 1 lbs. (4.4 N).

Micrometer Driven Goniometer for Precision Roll Control

The 561-GON Goniometer provides micrometer controlled rotation (θX) about the axis of the fiber, suitable for precision alignment of polarization angles for polarization preserving fibers or fiber arrays. The goniometer attaches to 561 and 562 ULTRAlign Linear Alignment Stages directly. A 561-GB Goniometer Bracket is required when a tilt stage is stacked on the linear stage. An SM Series Micrometer is included to provide 6 arc sec sensitivity to the ±10° range of motion.

Six-Axis Alignment Control

For maximum fiber optic alignment control, both a 561/562 tilt platform and 561 goniometer (with 561-GB mounting bracket) can be mounted to a 561 or 562 XYZ ULTRAlign linear stage to enable six axes of control in X, Y, Z, pitch (θY), yaw (θZ) and roll (θX). The video demonstrates how to assemble such a system with a 561-TILT tilt platform, 561-GON goniometer, 561-GB bracket and 561D-XYZ stage.

Left or Right Handed Configurations

ULTRAlign™ Tilt stages come in mirror-image right and left-hand versions. This permits all micrometers to be located on the same side, so there's never a need to reach over your work to make adjustments on the opposite side. It also means you have more flexibility in how you lay out your experiment on the table. All adjustments can be made with the hand resting on the table for maximum comfort, added stability, and increased sensitivity.

Rail Mounting Fiber Alignment Accessories

An easy-to-use dovetail mounting rail on the top surface of ULTRAlign stages provides a single, common reference surface for precise and secure attachment of fiber systems and device holders for alignment from the wide selection of fiber alignment accessories. We offer a wide range of accessories specifically designed for use with the 561 and 562 Series Fiber Alignment Stages, including fiber holders and positioners, GRIN Lens and objective mounts, a variety of platforms, and a vacuum waveguide mount with eight vacuum ports. Shown is 561-GM 3-axis gimbal bare fiber chuck positioner which features 360° roll and ±5° pitch & yaw with sensitivity of 2° in θX and 12 arc sec in θYθZ, respectively.

ULTRAlign Fiber Alignment Application Examples

Fiber to Fiber (5 DOF)

Left: 561-TS561-FH
Right: 561D-XYZ, 561-TILT, 561-FH

Objective Lens to Fiber (3 DOF)

Left: 561D-XYZ-LH, 561-OBJ
Right: 561D-YZ, 561-FH

Objective Lens to Fiber (6 DOF )

Left: 561D-YZ, 561-OBJ
Right: 561D-XYZ, 561-GM

Objective Lens to Fiber (6 DOF)

Left: 561D-YZ, 561-OBJ
Right: 561D-XYZ, 561-TILT, 561-GON561-GB, 561-FH

Fiber to Waveguide to Fiber (5 DOF)

Left: 561D-XYZ-LH, 561-FH
Middle: 561D-YZ, 561-UM
Right: 561D-XYZ, 561-TILT, 561-FH

Fiber to GRIN Lens to Fiber (5 DOF)

Left: 561D-XYZ-LH, 561-FC
Middle: 561-TS561-GR
Right: 561D-XYZ, 561-TILT, 561-FC