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Compact Cable Clamp, FPH Series
Fiber Chuck, SMA Connectorized Fiber
Fiber Chuck, FC Connectorized Fiber
Fiber Chuck, ST Connectorized Fiber
Fiber Chuck, LC Connectorized Fiber
Fiber Chuck, SC Connectorized Fiber
Fiber Chuck, Delrin-Jawed, 300-1000 micron Fiber
Fiber Chuck, Teflon Lined, 125-250 micron Fiber
Fiber Holder, 80–200 micron Fiber
Optical Fiber Chuck, Photonic Crystal Fiber
Fiber Holder, 80–200 micron Fiber, Extended
Strain Relief, Bare Fiber, Delrin Jaws


Fiber Chucks for 80 µm to 1 mm Diameter Bare Fibers

Fiber chucks in this series are made to easily attach and terminate bare optical fibers for mounting and coupling to optical systems. Models FPH-S and FPH-S-2.5 hold 80 to 200 µm diameter optical fibers using a unique, stress free spring-leaf assembly. FPH-J is a Teflon lined chuck for optical fibers 125 to 250 µm in diameter. Model FPH-DJ is a Delrin-Jawed chuck, suitable for larger fibers between 300 µm to 1 mm diameter.

Fiber Holders for a Variety of Connectorized Fiber Mounts

Newport offers fiber holders for a variety of connectorized holder types. Models FPH-CA3, FPH-CA4, FPH-CA6, FPH-CA8, and FPH-CA9 are compatible with SMA, FC, ST, LC, and SC connectors, respectively.

Accessories for Optimal Fiber Coupling

A strain relief boot, model FPH-SR, is available to provide support between a bare fiber and the terminating chuck. Once connectorized, the FPH-C Cable Clamp is compatible with FPH Series chucks and holders. It slips over the end of the fiber holder to grip the cable and relieve any stress applied to the fiber by the weight of the cable.