3.0 x 3.0 inch Mounting Surface

Rod clamps are a versatile foundation for mounting and positioning a variety of Newport components including translation and rotation stages, platforms, post holders, angle brackets and mirror mounts. Clamps are made of anodized aluminum with a mounting surface measuring 3.0 in. (76.2 mm) on each edge. They feature an array of clearance and 1/4-20 (or M6) tapped holes which, along with a range of possible orientations.

Hand-turned Height Adjustment

The Model 340-RC can be manually positioned to any height or rotation angle around the rod axis using a novel peg mechanism and controlled by a knurled knob. The peg mechanism also allows components to be detached, and re-attached, quickly and easily. This clamp is compatible with Models 40, 41 and 45 rods. The Model 370-RC features a rack-and-pinion positioning system for more precise vertical adjustment with independent clamping. The rotation of the clamp is limited to ±0.5° rotation about the rod axis, allowing smooth vertical (height) adjustments controlled by the hand turned, knurled knob. The Model 30 Rotary Adaptor is available separately to provide 360° control of the mounting surface orientation, if desired. The 370-RC clamp is compatible with Models 70 , 71 and 75 rods.

Cylindrical Laser Mounting

For laser applications where the laser must also be stable, you can use a ULM Series laser mount and RC Series rod clamp as shown.

Quick Disconnect Mechanism

Both the 340-RC and 370-RC rod clamps incorporate a quick-disconnect peg mechanism allowing components to be attached in a variety of orientations. The peg mechanism also allows components to be detached and re-attached quickly and easily.