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Cylindrical Laser Mount, 1.0-1.75 in. Diameter, Fixed
Cylindrical Laser Mount, 1.0-1.75 in., High-Resolution AJS Adjusters
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Cylindrical Laser Mount, 1.0-1.75 in. Diameter, SM-13 Micrometers
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2 Weeks


±4.5° Tip and Tilt Cylindrical Laser Mounts

The ULM-TILT mount provides two axes of precision angular adjustment using a stable kinematic three-point design for drift-free pointing of laser heads and other cylindrical objects. It features hardened and polished ball and V-groove kinematic pivots to assure repeatable angular orientation and thermal stability. Its high-resolution adjustment screws act on hardened carbide inserts for smooth adjustment, minimal cross coupling and accurate beam placement. Where direct reading of position is desired, micrometer-based versions are available. The ULM-TILT can be mounted to other Newport mounts, rod clamps and positioners via two clearance-mounting holes.

Fixed Cylindrical Laser Mounts

The ULM is a fixed, non-adjustable laser mount that may be bolted to other components via three horizontal clearance holes.

Rod Mount a HeNe Laser

All the ULM Cylindrical Laser Mounts can be mounted to optical rod clamps, other Newport mounts or positioners via the clearance-mounting holes.

Secure V-Grove Contacts

To prevent wobble, the laser head is held securely by a nylon thumbscrew against two full-length line contacts formed by a V-groove.