Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Type Diameter Adjustment Type Availability Price
12.7 mm V-Block Mount 6-19 mm Fixed
76.2 mm V-Block Mount 8.9-50.8 mm Fixed
127 mm V-Block Mount 12.7-76.2 mm Fixed


Secure Mounting of Cylindrical Devices

The three different size mounts enables an ideal choice for your device’s diameter and length.

V-Blocks for Larger Devices

The VB-1 and VB-2 are designed to hold larger objects. Each block comes with one clamping arm that can be removed and repositioned by accessing one of the threaded holes along the base. Additional VB-1C and VB-2C clamping arms are sold separately. These two blocks are designed to offer a variety of mounting options. Accessing the counterbored 1/4-20 (M6) holes, they can be attached directly to tables, tip/tilt stages, translation stages or post mounted. There are also holes along the side of the base for direct mounting to 340-RC and 370-RC Rod Clamps.

Post Mounted V-Block

The V-Block Cylindrical Device Mounts feature either 8-32 (M4) for VB-0.5 or 1/4-20 (M6) for VB-1 and VB-2 thru-holes at the bottom and include a clamping post which make them suitable for post mounting for various devices including large lasers.