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V-Groove Mount, M1, 2 Knob Actuators
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Stability Ensured by Kinematic Design

The design of the these mounts follows kinematic principles to ensure the highest stability and precision.  Each degree of freedom is constrained just once using the Cone, V, and Flat configuration.

Super Hard Carbide Pads

All M1 series mirror mounts are designed with tungsten carbide kinematic pads ensuring a highly stable and repeatable kinematic mechanism. The tungsten carbide material is exceptionally hard at 1800 Knoops.

Configurable for Right- or Left-Handed Operation

With a simple conversion, this mount can be transformed between right- and left-handed configurations to provide more flexibility and convenience in optical system setups. The V-groove plate is detachable and can be installed on either section of the mount's symmetrical body. Each section has its own mounting hole to support either configuration.