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Mirror Mount, Lab Standard, EdgeGrip, 1.0 in., 2 Knob Actuators
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Mirror Mount, CenterPoint, Lab Standard, 1.0 in., 2 Knob Actuators
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Square Optic Mount, Side-Clamp, 0.25 Thick, 2 Knob Actuators
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Mirror Mount, Lab Standard, Clear Edge, 1.0 in., 2 Knob Actuators
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Mirror Mount 10 Pack, 1.0 in., 2 Knob Actuators, M1Q
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  • Mechanism
  • Number of Actuators
  • Actuator Drive
  • Actuator Locks
  • Adjustment Screw Thread
    100 TPI
  • Adjustments
    θx, θy
  • Angular Range
  • Thread Type
    8-32 (M4) CLR


Affordable Mounts for Every Application

M Series mounts are the industry's lowest cost mount. They hold the most frequently used optic sizes and are available in a host of configurations including Full Aperture, Clear Edge, CenterPoint™Hex-Driven, Side-Clamp, Platform, and V-Groove versions.

Clear Edge Mount

A Clear Edge design allows beams to be reflected from one mount to another at smaller incident angles (Φ), taking less space between the mounts (d). Clear Edge Mounts are also ideal to compensate for pulse dispersion effects through multiple reflections on Chirped Mirrors.

CenterPoint™ Mount

The M1-CP CenterPoint™ mirror mount makes optical setups quick and easy because its mounting hole is located directly below the mirror's optical axis. So when mounted on a post that is directly attached to an optical table or breadboard without a clamping fork, the center of the mirror is in line with the hole pattern – this leads to faster alignment with other components of the optical system. Additionally, compact experiments are easier to construct, and optical systems taking advantage of this feature will require fewer standard parts and accessories, resulting in further cost savings.

Left: M1-CP ; Right: M1

Side-Clamp Mount

The M1-RQ Side-Clamp mount has a unique built-in post clamp for mounting to standard 0.5 in. (12.7 mm) optical posts. With this side clamp mechanism, the mount can be easily rotated in and out of the beam path. The side-mounted clamp allows the mount to slide over the full length of the post from table surface level to the top of the post without interfering with the beam path.

Left: M1-RQ; Right: M1-RA

EdgeGrip Mount

The M1-1D Mirror Mount is designed to hold and position D-shaped mirrors. The EdgeGrip design also allows it to hold standard 1 in. (25.4 mm) round mirrors as well as square mirrors up to 0.32 in. (8.1 mm) thick. 

Horizontal Mounting

The M1Q and M1-1D mirror mounts have screw holes in the corner of the back plate allowing them to be horizontally mounted directly on a standard post or pedestal. This configuration also lends M1Q to mounting beam splitting cubes using the UPA-CH1 adaptor or for creating a vertical beam path using the UPA- 45D1 45-degree mirror adaptor.

Left: M1 and UPA- 45D1; Right: M1Q and UPA-CH1

Superior Adjustability

All M-series mirror mounts have an angular range of ±4° with the equipped 100-TPI adjustment screws that provide a 25% improvement in adjustment sensitivity over competing mounts having 80-TPI adjusters. Better adjustability means faster, easier alignment.

Super Hard Carbide Pads

All M1 series mirror mounts are designed with tungsten carbide kinematic pads, ensuring a highly stable and repeatable kinematic mechanism. The tungsten carbide material is exceptionally hard at 1800 HK (Knoop), when compared to the competitor's steel pads at only 280 HK.