Beamsplitting Optical Mounts Selection Guide


Mirror mounts are typically used to hold and position circular plate beamsplitters and beam samplers. Not all mirror mounts provide optimal features for beamsplitting applications, however. In addition to performance features such as stability and adjustment sensitivity, a plate beamsplitter mount should also be designed to effectively manage beam transmission, beamsplitting angle and paths of both the reflected and transmitted beams. Newport offers a variety of standard mounts that are ideal for beamsplitting applications.

Beam Splitting Top Adjust Mounts

Designed specifically to hold and position plate beamsplitters, the back side of our beam splitting top adjust mounts has been scalloped out to provide a larger clear aperture for transmitted beams. This feature also makes these mounts ideal for compact spaces. Furthermore, top adjust mounts have their tip and tilt adjustment screws located above where the optic is held so that your hands never have to cross into the beam path area.


Corner Mounts

Corner mounts hold the optic near the edge of the frame. As such, there is more space between the optic and adjustment screws compared to traditional mirror mounts. This allows for sharper beam splitting angles, a clearer beam path and easier access to the adjusters. Gimbal movement is also possible in this configuration. In addition, clear-edge corner mounts enable beams to be reflected from one mount to another at smaller incident angles, taking less space between the mounts.


ULTIMA® Gimbal Mounts

Gimbal mounts eliminate unwanted linear beam translation during adjustment. ULTIMA Gimbal mounts feature an aperture designed for beam splitting. Because of the hollow-hemisphere design, beams are allowed to pass through the aperture allowing beam reflection and transmission. The aperture entrance is also designed with a deep 45° chamfer to accept beams at wide angles.


Low Wavefront Distortion Gimbal Mounts

SL series low wavefront distortion gimbal mounts hold optics in a way that will not induce optical distortion. The fixed rotational axes intersect at the front surface of the optic, allowing simple, non-coupled rotation without translation. The gimbal design also greatly reduces beam wander and optical path-length changes. These mounts are designed for maximum clear aperture of the transmitted beam at a 45° incident angle in beamsplitting applications.


Suprema® Clear Edge Low-Drift Mirror Mounts

The Suprema clear edge mounts feature stainless steel construction for superior stiffness and stability, 100 or 127 TPI adjusters and Newport's original clear edge aperture innovation. The clear edge design allows beams to be reflected from one mount to another at smaller incident angles, taking less space between the mounts. They are also available in hex-driven versions.


Vizix™ Flexure Mounts

Ideal for coarse beam splitting or folding applications where space is limited, the Vizix Flexure Mounts offer adjustment in the pitch-axis and CenterPoint™ mounting for yaw adjustment by rotating the mount on a post. The 1-in. (25.4-mm) diameter version has a clear-edge aperture so beams can be reflected from one mount to another at smaller incident angles.


Thin-Optic Mounts

Some plate beamsplitters and beam samplers are too thin for typical mounts to easily hold and position. Thus, Newport offers standard thin-optic mounts and accessories that are specifically designed to provide precision pitch/yaw adjustment for thin optics.


Standard Product Families

Custom Capabilities

If our standard mounts do not quite meet the requirements for your application, Newport has the capability to provide custom beamspiltting mounts with features such as special environmental modifications, additional mechanical characteristics and holding other optics sizes and thicknesses – please contact us for more information.