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Flexure Mirror Mount, Vizix, 0.5 in. Diameter, Locking Hex Pitch Adjuster
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Flexure Mirror Mount, Vizix, 1.0 in. Diameter, Locking Hex Pitch Adjuster
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In Stock


  • Mechanism
  • Number of Actuators
  • Actuator Drive
    Hex Key
  • Actuator Locks
  • Adjustment Screw Thread
    100 TPI
  • Adjustments
  • Angular Range
  • Optic Loading
  • Material
    Anodized Aluminum
  • Thread Type
    8-32 (M4) CLR


Compact Single Axis Adjustable Mirror Mounts

V100-AX and V50-AX Single-Axis Optical Mounts have only pitch adjustment and are ideal for use in coarse beam splitting or folding applications where space is limited. These mounts have the CenterPoint™ optic mounting feature, which means the optic is held at the center of rotation of the mounting post. This allows the user to rotate the mount in the post holder and still keep the optical beam on the mirror's surface. Although these mounts only have pitch adjustment, the fact that they can be rotated in a post holder means they also have yaw adjustability.

Flexure Design Results in Compact Size

The Vizix Flexure Mounts employ a unibody design with a flexure hinge and spring to provide ±4° of pitch adjustment in a compact design. Flexure mounts are especially useful for "set and forget" applications.

Lockable 100-TPI Hex Adjuster

Pitch adjustment is controlled by a 100-TPI hex screw which provides greater adjustment sensitivity over mounts with 80-TPI adjusters. These 100-TPI adjustment threads facilitate more precise fine-tuning, enabling faster and more efficient alignment. A separate locking screw can be used to secure alignment.