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Dual Rod Mounting Assembly, Adjustable Height, 1/4-20 Thread
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Optimized Stability and Stiffness for Higher load Capacities

The Model 410-RC Mounting Assembly supports heavier optical components at adjustable heights with greater stability than the single rod supports and clamps. The assembly consists of two 1.5 in. (38.1 mm) diameter, 14.0 in (35.6 cm) high, solid steel rods mounted to a heavy-duty base and connected together at the top. Two rods in conjunction support more weight, as well as stabilizing axial rotation to which individual rod supports are more prone.

Complete Assembly or Individual Components

Each of the 2998 solid rods in the assembly has threaded 1/40-20 sized holes in both ends for mounting to the 20050-01 Base Plate or combining for taller systems. They can support two 340-RC rod clamps and an optional 410-RCP Mounting Plate, which attaches to the rod clamps to provide a single mounting surface and standard pattern of tapped holes for mounting components. Combining models 410-RC, 410-RCP and our manual stages (i.e. 401 series) produces stable, two-axis fine positioning. Each of the components are available individually, while the full assembly is offered as 410-RC (not including optional parts such as 410-RCP).

Build a Metric Assembly with Available Standard Parts

While not available as a standard product, a metric version of Model 410-RC Adjustable Height Dual Rod Mounting Assembly can be created by the customer using available parts. The parts needed to make the assembly are the Model 20050-01 Base Plate, the Model 20051-01 Top Plate, two of the Model 2998 Solid Rod, and two of the Model M-340-RC Rod Clamp.