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Quantum Efficiency Measurement System, 350-1100 nm Wavelength Range
Quantum Efficiency Measurement System, 325-1800 nm Wavelength Range



Oriel Quantum Efficiency System Set Up Demonstration

Getting any quantum efficiency system up and running is a straightforward process, as demonstrated in this video.

Extended Wavelength Detector Design

The QuantX-300 features a patent-pending summed Si/Ge detector design to provide a seamless, wide wavelength range. With traditional systems, two different detectors are needed to cover the wavelength ranges of Silicon and Germanium, requiring operators to stop scans and change detectors while scanning over the whole wavelength range. With the QuantX-300, continuous scans from 325 to 1800 nm can be accomplished without swapping detectors, saving time and removing the possibility of having the wrong detector in place. Our IQE-200B utilizes only a Silicon detctor, however Newport can upgrade this system to include a summed Si/Ge detector design – contact us for more information.

Sophisticated Technology

These products leverage Newport's expertise in optical design, spectroscopy, precision motion control, and electronics technologies. These proficiencies have been focused into a complete, sophisticated measurement system for Quantum Efficiency (EQE and IQE). Both systems incorporate a patented detector geometry using a beam splitter, allowing for simultaneous measurement of EQE and the reflective losses to quantify IQE. Unique to these models are a sample stage with an integrated vacuum chuck and thermistor. They also include 4-wire sense measurement option which broadens the capabilities to include a large range of sample sizes and efficiencies.

Additional Accessories

Newport offers a variety of accessories, sold separately, to provide a complete measurement station including:

  • Temperature controlled vacuum chuck
  • Light biasing
  • Electrical probing
  • Water chiller
  • Vacuum pump (110 or 220 VAC)
  • Light Tight Enclosure for QuantX-300
  • Optical tables, workstations and breadboards (IG-23-2 industrial grade honeycomb core breadboard is recommended)

Intuitive Software

The acquisition and controls software for these QE solutions is pre-installed on a laptop computer which is included with the measurement system. The software uses an intuitive, icon based graphical interface to provide instrument controls, configuration, and data acquisition. The software seamlessly controls all of the system components. EQE and IQE curves are calculated and plotted as a function of wavelength in a single scan without the need to reposition the detectors or sample, optimizing measurement accuracy and repeatability. There is also an integrated, software-controlled sample voltage bias feature, which allows users to adjust from -10 to +10V.

PhotoVoltaic Calibration Lab

We are proud to house and manage one of the few commercial photovoltaic and calibration test laboratories in the world. The Photovoltaic Calibration and Test Laboratory is accredited by A2LA to the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard, using state of the art equipment for measurements in accordance with ASTM E948 and E1021. The lab welcomes requests for prototype PV device performance measurements or PV reference cell calibrations. Flexible scheduling and rapid turnaround time ensure minimal downtime to time sensitive devices.

Legacy QEPVSI-B Information

While the legacy QEPVSI-B system is no longer available for ordering, contact your Newport representative for more information on ordering a special variant of this measurement system, utilizing our CS260B series of monochromators. Please see the legacy product datasheet and operational guide, to see if this alternative solution would be an ideal fit for your application.