Note: Specifications below are common to all products presented. See Individual product details for complete information.

  • Thickness
    2.3 in. (58 mm)
  • Mounting Holes
    1/4-20 (M6)
  • Microlocks
    Optional, -ML model numbers
  • Surface Flatness
    ±0.006 in. (0.15 mm) over 2 ft. (600 mm) square
  • Broadband Damping
    Integrated Damping including constrained layer core, damped working surface and composite edge finish
  • Mounting Hole Pattern
    1 in. (25 mm) grid
  • Mounting Hole Type
    Cut (not rolled) threads with countersink
  • Mounting Hole Borders
    0.5 in. (12.5 mm)
  • Working Surface
    0.134 in. (3.4 mm) thick 400 series ferromagnetic stainless steel
  • Core Design
    Trussed honeycomb, vertically bonded closed cell construction, 0.010 in. (0.25 mm) steel sheet materials, 0.030 in. (0.76 mm) triple core interface
  • Hole Sealing Type
    Easy clean conical cup, 0.75 in. (19 mm) deep, non-corrosive high impact polymer material
  • Maximum Dynamic Deflection Coefficient
    17 x 10-4
  • Maximum Relative Motion Value
    13 x 10-7 in. (3.3 x 10-5 mm)
  • Deflection Under Load
    15 x 10-5 in. (3.9 x 10-3 mm)


Vertically Bonded Trussed Honeycomb Core

Newport's honeycomb core is different than our competitors. Each piece of the corrugated honeycomb steel sheet is emerged in proprietary elastomeric vibration absorbing materials and bonded vertically throughout the height of the optical breadboard or optical table, creating a much stiffer honeycomb core structure. This labor intensive procedure makes sure that Newport's optical breadboard or optical table is the most robust.

Corner compliance on a IG-23-2

3.4 mm 400 Series Stainless Steel Working Surface

3.4 mm 400 series stainless steel working surface is a more affordable solution than 4.8 mm. When combined with Newport's uniquely designed core structure, the product provides good damping performance and is suitable for majority of the standard optical applications.

Triple Honeycomb Core Interface

In addition to the vertical bonding, Newport's honeycomb core has higher density than competitors. There is one additional flat sheet of steel in between every corrugated steel sheet, generating three-layer interface at each touching point, providing unmatched stiffness of the honeycomb structure.

Individually Sealed Mounting Holes

All of Newport's optical breadboards are designed with individually sealed mounting holes. Those mounting holes feature 19 mm screw depth. In contrast to some of the other products in the market that has channel for a row of holes or just a polymeric film, Newport's individually sealed holes are more reliable and easier to clean. This is because we believe in the integrity of the product - especially the core. When dust and liquids go into your optical breadboard and table, it may have a long term effect on the damping performance of the product and make the product degrade over time. A good quality breadboard and table lasts long time - tens of years and more. It's a good investment for a product with sealed mounting holes.

Microlock Mounting Options

If you would like to attach your breadboard from the bottom to another surface, or if you would like to rigidly support your breadboard from underneath, choose the Microlock option. It is a unique design that allows user to bolt the breadboard from the bottom in a structurally robust way. Newport's microlocks include tapped through holes on different locations of the breadboard, as well as the insert to accept 1/4-20 or M6 screws for mounting.

Highly Damped Side Panel

Side panels for optical tables do more than just covers. They should contribute to the overall damping performance of the table. Newport's optical breadboards and tables use highly damped composite wood as side panels to help eliminating vibrations from the side. Composite wood has much better damping performance than steel – it simply does. Materials with a high elasticity (steel, for example, and other hard metals) tend to allow vibration or ringing. Materials with low elasticity such as wood tend to dampen vibration and ringing - For example, hi-fi speakers are almost all enclosed by composite wood to damp the acoustic vibrations.

Dedicated Product Support

When you choose a Newport vibration control product, you have chosen not only the proven superior performance and quality, but also our wealth of knowledge, experience and committed product support along your way. Newport's dedicated customer service is enhanced through multi-site knowledge base, rapid response from global technical support centers and strict processes that emphasizes customer satisfaction.

Custom Breadboard Options

Newport has a dedicated custom design team for your custom needs. This team has been working with various types of materials, shapes, structures, hole patterns (and many more) for over 40 years, and has served customers across the world in research, aerospace, semiconductor and medical related fields. We are committed to providing an accurate and timely quoting response, professional communications of custom design review and changes, optimum turnaround time, and the highest quality end product. Contact Newport Sales for more information.