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Measurement and Certification Service, Customer Prototype Cell
Calibration Service, Detector Spectral Responsivity
Calibration Service, Reference Cell


Reference Cell Certifications

One of the lab’s services is re-certification and calibration of Oriel 91150V reference cell and meter system. These systems are critical tools for PV characterization, as they serve as baseline irradiance and electrical measurements under solar simulation. Annual certification is recommended in order to ensure accuracy and consistency of measurements under a solar simulator.

Reference Detector Certifications

Our lab also provides calibration and certification service that prolongs the lifetime of any reference detector whose spectral responsivity is used for calibrated measurements. This can be applied to most of the flange-mounted series detectors as well as the references used in the QuantX quantum efficiency measurement system.

Request PV Device Certifications

We welcome requests to measure and certify prototype PV devices. The following measurements are performed and an accredited calibration certificate is provided:

  • Total area of the device
  • EQE and IV curves of the device
  • Electrical performance parameters, including Efficiency and Short  Circuit Current
  • Reference data on the instruments used

Characterizing I-V Curves of PhotoVoltaic Cells

We offer test solutions to measure current-voltage (IV) characteristics of PV cells. Models are available in 1, 3, 5, or 10 amps configurations, determined by the current generated by the device under test. Solutions include the source meter, cabling, and IV Test Station software to capture data quickly and easily. Additional mounting, probing, and temperature control accessories are available. Oriel IV test solutions are designed to work with any Oriel solar simulator.