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I-V Test Station, 10 amp Basic, No Cell Holding Chuck
I-V Test Station, 1 amp Basic, No Cell Holding Chuck
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I-V Test Station, 3 amp Basic, No Cell Holding Chuck
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I-V Test Station, 5 amp Basic, No Cell Holding Chuck
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Oriel PVIV System Setup

Demonstration on the initial set up and test measurement of an Oriel PVIV station. This video shows an I-V measurement of a Silicon reference cell using the Oriel MiniSol LED solar simulator connected to a PVIV-1A kit.

Selecting the Correct Test Station

The electrical current generated by the cell under test determines the correct model. The choices include the 1 amp, 3 amp, 5 amp, or 10 amp models. To configure a complete test station, the cell holder size, solar simulator size, PVIV model, and accessories can be interchanged for optimal test scenarios.


The PVIV software 91540 version 2.1 is a LabVIEW™ based I-V measurement software suite with an intuitive, easy to use interface. This updated version is compatible with Windows 10 Operating Systems. A number of critical cell performance parameters are calculated as well as displaying the raw I-V curve. Device ID and User Name can be easily entered from the main user interface, where the configuration set up and the raw data are easily saved into a tab delimited .txt file format report. The software menu also includes a Print Window function, so the measured plot can be printed. Oriel IV Test Station version 2.1 functions include calculating critical parameters such as short circuit current (Isc), current density (Jsc), open circuit voltage (Voc), fill factor (ff), maximum output power (Pmax), maximum output voltage (Vmax), maximum output current (Imax) cell efficiency (η) ,Shunt Resistance 1 sun (R@Isc), Series Resistance 1 sun (R@Voc) ,Shunt Resistance Dark IV (RShunt), and other standard photovoltaic cell parameters.

Reference Cell and Meter

The reference cell in its cell holder adapter.

The reference cell is a recommended option. It includes a calibrated reference solar test cell and a digital display, showing real-time values of the measured solar simulator irradiance and the cell temperature. These values are entered in the software to perform the I-V characterization. The calibrated reference cell can also be used independently of the I-V test station for tuning the solar simulator power level.

Cell Holder Assembly

Temperature Controlled/ Vacuum positioning cell holder for 2x2 through 6x6 cells

Several designs of cell holders are available for precise positioning of the device under test. The assemblies are designed to hold the sample in a fixed position with respect to the solar simulator beam. The simple, robust design enables acute adjustments of the sample position. Vacuum positioning capability and temperature control are available options on some models.

Software Features

The software enables the user to organize measurement settings in "Recipes" which can be easily saved and recalled. Multiple IV measurement results can be viewed simultaneously with multiple data presentation formats for enhanced visualization.


Though not included with the basic PI-IV tester, Newport offers many different options of tables and work stations. Components can be selected to integrate the PIV-IV test solution into a complete PV test suite. Contact Newport Sales for more information.