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Calibrated Reference Cell, Meter, KG5 Window
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In Stock
Calibrated Reference Cell, Meter, Quartz Window


  • Autoranging
    Swithces to higher display range above 1.95 Sun, lower range below 1.90 Sun
  • Accuracy
    ±0.1% of reading +2 counts @ 0.9500-1.0500 Sun @ 23 °C
    ±0.2% of reading +2 counts @ 0.100-1.9500 and 1.900-3.500 Sun @ 23 °C
    ±0.5 °C typical, ±1.0 °C max @ 24-26 °C
    ±0.7 °C typical, ±1.2 °C max @ 10-40 °C
  • Resolution
    Irradiance: 0.0001 Sun @ 0-1.9500 Sun, 0.001 Sun @ 1.900-3.500 Sun
    Temperature: 0.01 °C
  • Sampling Rate
    2 readings/sec
  • Settling Time
    within 1 sec for <0.25% (= 6τ)
  • Range
    Irradiance: 0-3.500 Sun
    Temperature: 0-199.9 °C capable
  • Temperature Coefficient
    Meter Irradiance: ±150 ppm/°C max
    Reference Cell Irradiance: +450 ±150 ppm/°C
    Temperature readout: ±0.02 °C/°C of meter ambient temperature change
  • Operating Temperature Range
    10-40 °C
  • Operating Humidity
    0-90% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Electrical Interface
    Type K connector for thermocouple integrated beneath the PV reference cell
    Amphenol T 3302 009 4-pin connector for reference cell 4-wire interface
    Analog output BNC jacks for Sun and temperature output
  • Dimensions
    Meter: 151 x 95 x 178 mm
    Reference cell: 70 x 16 x 92 mm
  • Weight
    1.8 kg (meter)


Oriel® PVIV System Setup

Demonstration on the initial set up and test measurement of an Oriel PVIV station. This video shows an I-V measurement of the Calibrated Silicon Reference Cell using the Oriel MiniSol LED solar simulator connected to a PVIV-1A kit.

Critical Tool for Testing PV Cells

The primary application of this system is to set the irradiance level of a solar simulator near to 1.000 Sun so that photovoltaic cells can be tested under standard reporting conditions.

Reference Cell Window Options

The reference cell consists of a 2x2 cm monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic cell with a choice of two windows. The KG5 heat absorbing window offers high transmission for visible wavelengths and absorb IR wavelengths. For a wider wavelength transmission range, a fused silica (quartz) window option is available. The KG1, KG2, and KG3 windows and respective traces are no longer available for standard ordering, and are referenced for legacy purposes only.  For customized solutions featuring these traces, please refer to our FSQ products in our heat absorbing glass shortpass filters product family.

PhotoVoltaic Calibration Lab

We are proud to house and manage one of the few commercial photovoltaic and calibration test laboratories in the world. The Photovoltaic Calibration and Test Laboratory is accredited by A2LA to the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard, using state of the art equipment for measurements in accordance with ASTM E948 and E1021. The lab welcomes requests for prototype PV device performance measurements or PV reference cell calibrations. Flexible scheduling and rapid turnaround time ensure minimal downtime to time sensitive devices.

Characterizing I-V Curves of PhotoVoltaic Cells

We offer test solutions to measure current-voltage (IV) characteristics of PV cells. Models are available in 1, 3, 5, or 10 amps configurations, determined by the current generated by the device under test. Solutions include the source meter, cabling, and IV Test Station software to capture data quickly and easily. Additional mounting, probing, and temperature control accessories are available. Oriel IV test solutions are designed to work with any Oriel solar simulator.