Complete System Integration

Remote instrument operation is available on the LDP-3811 through an IEEE488/GPIB interface. All instrument controls and functions are accessible through the interface for easy remote programming and control in automated test systems where repeatable and accurate test sequencing, measurements, and data handling are required. Whether the application is data intensive LIV testing, pulsed control for thermal characterization, or R&D evaluations, remote operation of the 3811 saves time and ensures systematic data collection and instrument operation. TTL level triggers are incorporated into the LDP-3811 to control output pulses and to initiate corresponding measurements from other instruments without a command program.

Adjustable Pulse Parameters

The LDP-3811 is designed for quick and easy instrument operation permitting precise pulse control. Pulse modes and parameters are logically grouped together allowing easy adjustment of pulse width, duty cycle and frequency. A selection of pulse operating modes includes constant duty cycle and constant pulse repetition interval (PRI). In constant duty cycle mode, the set duty cycle is maintained while adjusting pulse widths. In constant PRI mode, the set pulse interval is maintained while adjusting pulse width. The bright 4-digit LED display is easy to view in laboratory environments while precision digital tuning is accomplished with the front panel adjustment knob.

CW or Pulsed Operation

The LDP-3811 operates as a dual range current source in both CW and pulsed mode. High setpoint accuracy and a low noise stable output current assures confidence in laser diode CW or pulsed measurements. Adjustable current limits, and transient suppression in any operating mode protect the laser diode under test.