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Laser Diode Driver, Pulsed, 5A, 20V, USB & GPIB, 120 VAC
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Laser Diode Driver, Pulsed, 5A, 20V, USB & GPIB, 220 VAC
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  • Laser Current
    5 A
  • Laser Compliance Voltage
    20 V
  • Temperature Coefficient
    <100 ppm FS/°C
  • Computer Interfaces
    USB and GPIB
  • Laser Current Resolution
    10 mA
  • Laser Current Accuracy
    ±(0.05A + 1% of Setpoint)
  • Duty Cycle
    0.01% to 5.00%
  • Pulse Width
    25 ns to 1 µs
  • Pulse Repetition Rate
    500 ns to 1 ms
  • Rise/Fall Time
    <10 ns
  • Weight
    3.8 kg


Precision Pulse Control for Laser Diodes and Quantum Cascade Lasers

The LDP-3830 was designed to provide safe and repeatable pulse current for laser diodes and quantum cascade lasers. The LDP-3830 is capable of delivering up to 5A peak current over a pulse width range of 25 ns to 1 µs with a maximum duty cycle of 5%. To achieve pulse widths of 25 ns with rise times less than 10 ns, the pulse circuitry is contained in the LPB-386 Pulse Board with all control functions being sent from the LDP-3830. For accurate monitoring of laser drive parameters, the LPB-386 Pulse Board has the ability to monitor the current via a switch located on the LPB-386. For quantum cascade laser applications, the LDP-3830 can deliver up to 20V of compliance with highly repeatable pulse to pulse amplitude and pulse width.

Model LDP-3830 shown with Model LPB-386 Pulse Control Unit

Ease of Operation

Designed for ease of use and readability, the front panel features a large 7-segment LED display with integrated dot matrix display. Instrument controls are grouped by mode and function to allow for easy setup. The display allows for easy viewing of multiple parameters such as pulse output current, pulse repetition interval set point, duty cycle set point, and pulse width set point. Discrete function buttons allow for quick configuration without a complex multiple menu system. A selection of instrument operating modes includes constant duty cycle, constant pulse repetition interval (PRI), and external trigger. During a system error, the dot matrix display provides easily readable errors to allow for quick troubleshooting. In constant duty cycle mode, the set duty cycle is maintained while adjusting pulse widths. In constant PRI mode, the set pulse interval is maintained while adjusting pulse width. In external trigger mode, the user sets the current and pulse width and the LDP-3830 will respond to an external TTL signal from a single pulse up to the maximum PRI. To maintain system uptime, the LDP-3830 provides the ability for the user to upgrade the firmware without returning the instrument to ILX. To upgrade the firmware, the user needs a computer with a USB and internet access.

Complete System Integration

Remote instrument operation is available on the LDP-3830 through an IEEE488.1 / GPIB interface or USB 2.0 interface. All instrument controls and functions are accessible through the interfaces for easy remote programming and control in automated test systems where repeatable and accurate test sequencing, measurements, and data handling are required. TTL level triggers are incorporated into the LDP-3830 to control output pulses and to initiate corresponding measurements from other instruments without a command program. A comprehensive and easily configurable LabVIEW™ instrumentation driver is available for free download from the Literature & Downloads tab on this page that will aid in development of system software.

Setting the Standard in Laser Diode Protection

Laser diodes are extremely sensitive to electro-static discharge, excessive current levels, current spikes, or transients from power surges or other laboratory equipment. One of the most important features we have implemented into each instrument is the ILX Lightwave proven laser diode protection standards. These standards have led to advanced protection features such as current limits and output shorting circuits. In addition, during power up, the laser diode is protected from over current and turn-on transient conditions by a slow start routine designed to ramp the current to the desired set point referred to as slow-start. In addition, the LDP-3830 monitors the AC power line and will immediately shut off the output current pulse if a failure is detected. These protection features work in conjunction with all control modes of operation, providing worry free, fail safe control of your laser diode or quantum cascade laser. For more information about these protection features, please see our “Protecting Your Laser Diode" application note.

Store and Recall Settings

For multiple instrument test configurations, the LDP-3830 Precision Pulsed Laser Current Source offers a STORE and RECALL feature. The STORE function allows you to save all the front panel settings for any given instrument configuration to a numbered bin. The RECALL function allows you to retrieve any of the stored configurations at any time through simple front panel button presses or remotely through the GPIB or USB interface. This saves time in instrument re-configuration for different manufacturing runs or R&D experiments.