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Motorized Actuator, High Load, 25 mm travel, LTA, M12 thread
7 Weeks
7 Weeks
Motorized Actuator, High Speed, 50 mm Travel, 3/8-40 Thread
In Stock
In Stock
Motorized Actuator, High Load, 25 mm Travel, Vacuum Compatible
In Stock
In Stock
Motorized Actuator, High Speed, 50 mm Travel, Vacuum Compatible
7 Weeks
7 Weeks

CONEX Controller versions are also available.



High Speed 50 mm Travel

The LTA-HS features a DC servo motor with optimized output torque for high speed applications. It also offers the longest travel range of all Newport actuators at 50 mm.

120 N High Load Version

The LTA-HL features a DC servo motor with optimized output torque for higher load capacity. It is recommended for heavy load applications which require up to 120 N of axial load capacity.

Vacuum Compatible Versions

The LTA series actuators also come in two standard stepper motor models specifically designed for vacuum applications up to 10-6 hPa and are readily available from stock.

Manual Adjustment Knob

LTA Series motorized actuators provide a manual adjustment knob which permits quick positioning of the actuator when the motor is off.

Scale Position Indication and Limit Switch

LTA Actuators include a visible scale that indicates coarse actuator position in both millimeters and inches. Beneath the scale's window is an accessible trigger which, along with the Manual Adjustment Knob, can be manually set to limit the actuator's travel range.

Non-rotating Actuator Tip

LTA actuators feature a non-rotating tip that prevents wear and eliminates periodic motion variations when the actuator is moving.

CONEX Controller Versions

Newport also offers versions of these linear actuators with integrated CONEX motion controller. For out-of-the-box control, the CONEX controller is preconfigured and delivered with the LTA actuator.

Motorize an Optical Mount

LTA actuators can replace micrometer drives on most Newport optical mounts creating automated solutions for beam control and management. They are shown with our SL51 mirror mount.

Motorize Your Existing Manual Stage

The LTA Series actuator is compatible with most standard Newport manual stages. The -HS version can be used with longer travel manual stages like the 426. For compatible manual positioners from Newport, please check our LTA Compatibility Matrix.

Compatible Controllers

Compatible Controllers

Compatible motion controllers for the LTA actuators are:

The LTA actuators are also compatible with SMC100CC Single Axis Motion Controller, and the LTA-PPV6 actuators are compatible with SMC100PP Single Axis Motion Controller with maximum speed reduced to 40% of the specified value above.