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Optical Fiber Rotator, High Precision, 466A Series
Optical Fiber Rotator, 466A Series
Bare Fiber Holder, Single Arm, 466A Series
Bare Fiber Holder, Dual Arm, 466A Series
Bare Fiber Holder, Single Arm, Magnetic, 466A Series
Bare Fiber Holder, Long Reach, 466A Series
Ferrule Fiber Holder, 2 to 4.5 mm Diameter, 466A Series
Ferrule Fiber Holder, 1 to 2 mm Diameter, 466A Series
Optical Fiber holder, FC Connector, 466A Series
Optical Fiber Holder, SMA Connector, 466A Series
Optical Fiber holder, ST Connector, 466A Series
Grin Lens Holder, 466A Series
Objective Mount, 466A Series
Extension Tube, for 466A-150
Large Fixed Bracket, Slot Length 60mm, 466A
Fixed Bracket, Large, 60 mm Slot Length, M-466A
Small Fixed Bracket, Slot Length 20mm, 466A
Fixed Bracket, Small, 20 mm Slot Length, M-466A
L-Shaped Bracket, Slot Length 46mm, 466A
L-Shaped Bracket, Slot Length 46mm, M-466A
Universal Stand, 466A Series
Universal Base, 466A Series
Component Plate, 466A Series
Clamp Set, 466A Stage, Inc. 2 Clamps, 2 Screws & Allen Wrench
Clamp Set, M-466A Stages, 2 Clamps, 2 Screws, Allen Wrench


Fiber Rotators

Designed for the most demanding rotation and alignment of angular sensitive components, 466A-717 and 466A-718 fiber rotators have a slotted design for easy insertion and removal of fiber and a full 360° coarse adjustment range.

Ferrule Fiber Holders

466A-700 and 466A-701 ferrule fiber holders secure optical fibers terminated with a cylindrical ferrule and can also be used to hold GRIN lenses. They use a "V" groove formed by two 9 mm long stainless steel rods. A Nylon clamp screw avoids damage to the component being held.

Bare Fiber Holders

We offer 466A-709 single arm, 466A-710 dual arm, and 466A-711 magnetic single arm bare fiber holders for securing and positioning 125/250 µm stripped fibers.

Long Reach Bare Fiber Holder

466A-750 long-reach fiber holder works with 125/250 µm bare optical fibers. It allows locating fibers offset from the central axis. The fiber is held in user-replaceable double V-groove by spring clamps. The clamp arm swings clear of V-groove for easy loading/unloading and has a force adjustable from 25-125 g. The contact point on fiber is a resilient pad.

Connectorized Fiber Holders

466A-735, 466A-736 and 466A-737 fiber holders allow for the easy insertion and removal of FC, SMA and ST connectorized fibers.

Grin Lens Holder

466A-734 GRIN lens holders can hold 1-2 mm and 2-3 mm in diameter GRIN lenses. They feature a 4 mm long reversible V-block.

Objective Mount

466A-150 objective mount is fitted with a removable stainless steel sleeve cut with the microscope objective thread. It offers easy adjustment and exchange of objectives or other components having a standard RMS 0.800-36 thread.

Extension Tube

466A-156 extension tube is for use on the 466A-150 Objective Mount. It extends the reach by 25 mm allowing for access to components on wide platforms.

Fixed Brackets

466A-147, 466A-148 and 466A-149 fixed brackets attach to the steady vertical pillar on the flexure stage using two screws. They provide a convenient rigid surface for mounting standard 466A accessories for alignment with items on the moving top plate of the flexure stage. They are available in imperial and metric versions.

Universal Platform

466A-189 universal platform provides a simple fixed platform for mounting standard devices and fiber holders. It can be used with the 466A-147, 466A-148 and 466A-149 fixed brackets. It is bolted directly to an optical breadboard and provides an optical height of 94 mm which is compatible with the 466A Series Flexure Stages.

Universal Base

466A-752 universal base holds components on top of flexure stages. It can be located in either of the two orthogonal slots on the top plate for offset component mounting.

Component Plate

466A-153 component plate provides a basic platform for mounting of non-standard components.

Clamp Set

466A-154 clamp set is for use with 466A Series Flexure Stages and Accessories. One Clamp Set is included with all 466A flexure stages and with the 466A-147, 466A-148, and 466A-149 brackets. The set is available in imperial and metric versions.