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Cube Beamsplitter Holder, 0.5 in. Cubes, 1.063-20 Threaded Mounts
4 Weeks
4 Weeks
Cube Beamsplitter Holder, 1.0 in. Cubes, 2.063-20 Threaded Mounts
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In Stock


Works with Newport Lens and Rotation Mounts

These cube beam splitter adaptors are designed to work with LP Series Precision Multi-Axis Lens Positioners. They are also compatible with rotation stages of matching threads, which include high-performance 481-A, RSP and low-profile RS65 Series.

Integrate Standard Optics with Ease

The CH-1 Beamsplitter Cube Holder’s aluminum housing contains an internal 25.4 mm beamsplitter holder (beamsplitter not included). Ports allow optics to be positioned in beam entry and exit paths. Standard 1 in. (25.4 mm) optics may be quickly attached to Cube Holder ports using Newport LPLH-1T optic holders, which attach to the side ports.

Optical Isolator Application

T-Splitter Application

Variable Attenuator Application

Build Useful Optical Assemblies

The modular design of the CH Series cube mounts allows additional optics that are commonly used with beamsplitters, such as wave plates, polarizers, filters, lenses, and mirrors to be quickly attached to create variable attenuators, optical isolators or T-splitters.