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Optic Rotation Mount, 25.4 mm, Fine Adjust Knob, 8-32 and M4
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In Stock
Optic Rotation Mount, 50.8 mm, Fine Adjust Knob, 8-32 and M4
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In Stock


  • Angular Range
  • Drive Type
    Fine Adjustment Knob
  • Graduations
  • Sensitivity
    4 arc min
  • Thread Type
    8-32 and M4
  • Bearings
  • Maximum Drive Torque
    1.2 Nm


Lockable Coarse and Fine Rotation

RSP Series Rotation Mounts feature full ball bearing races and can be coarsely aligned using the knurled edge of the rotating platform. Fine adjustment, with 4 arc-minute sensitivity, is made easily with a top mounted knob. Position can be locked in place securely with the little screw in the center of the knob. Position is indicated in 2° increment markings around the top circumference.

Versatile Optic Mounting

RSP Series Rotation Mounts hold 1.0 or 2.0 in. optic such as waveplates and polarizers securely in place with included retaining rings. Additionally, a variety of optic and optic holders can directly thread into the central threaded aperture. For example, RSP-1T can hold 0.5 in. optic in PRA-05 adapter, 0.5 in. beamsplitting cube in CH-0.5 holder, or Glan-Laser Calcite Polarizers such as 10GL08. RSP-2T can hold 2.0 in. cylindrical lens in CYH-2 rotation adapter or 1.0 in. beamsplitting cube in CH-1 holder.

Post or Table Mounting

RSP Series Rotation Mounts can be post mounted in vertical configuration using the tapped holes on the side of the frame. Alternatively, they can be used as a stage and directly mounted to optical table, breadboard, or other stage using two counter bored clearance holes on diagonal corners. Aperture inserts RSA-1TI and RSA-2TI are available to make them a solid platform for on-axis mounting and rotation of optical component supported by an optical post.