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Optic Rotation Mount, Gimbal Tip-Tilt, 25.4 mm, 100 TPI
Optic Rotation Mount, Kinematic Tip-Tilt, 25.4 mm, 100 TPI
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Gimbaled Tip, Tilt, and Rotation

The GM-1RA Gimbal Rotation Mount provides tip/tilt positioning for 1 in. (25.4 mm) wave plates, polarizers, and beamsplitter cubes. This mount is unique due to its gimbaled tip/tilt mechanism which allows angular adjustment of the optic without unwanted translation. The rotation stage can also be removed from the tip/tilt mechanism by removing four screws, allowing the rotation stage to be reversed or used independently.

Independent Non-influencing Locks

The GM-1RA mount features independent locks for all axes, maintaining stable optical alignment. Engaging or disengaging each lock has negligible influence on the other axes.

Removable Slotted Base Plate

The GM-1RA mount features a slotted base plate as well as two threaded holes 1/4-20 and M6 at the bottom for maximized flexibility of mounting. The slotted base can be removed in space-limited applications. 

Kinematic Mount Meets Rotation Mount

The M1-1PR Kinematic Polarizer Rotation Mount combines the tip/tilt adjustments of a kinematic mirror mount with rotation adjustment of a polarizer rotation mount. The mount features precise 100 TPI adjustment screws for increased pitch and yaw sensitivity. Rotation on full ball bearing races can be coarsely aligned using the knurled edge of the rotating platform while fine adjustment with 4 arc min sensitivity is achieved by the knob. Angular position can be locked in place securely with the little screw in the center of the knob.

Versatile Optic Mounting

Both Tip-Tilt Optic Rotation Mounts hold 1.0 in. optic such as waveplates and polarizers securely in place with included retaining rings. Additionally, a variety of other optic in compatible adapter or holder can directly thread into the central 1.063''-20 aperture, for example, 0.5 in. optic in PRA-05 adapter, 0.5 in. beamsplitting cube in CH-0.5 holder, and Glan-Laser Calcite Polarizers such as 10GL08.