Technical Notes

ESP301 Motion Controller User Manual


This manual provides descriptions and operating procedures for the integrated 3 axis ESP301 Controller/Driver (ESP = Enhanced System Performance).

HXP100 Hexapod with 6 Degrees of Freedom - 2010


Overview of Newport Corporation's new HXP100 Hexapod that is a parallel kinematic motion device providing six degrees of freedom: X, Y, Z, pitch, roll, and yaw.

Linear Translation Stage Terminology

Technical Notes

This glossary covers important terms related to linear translation stages.

Motion Basics Terminology & Standards

Technical Notes

The function of a stage is to constrain motion to a desired direction. For a linear stage, the desired motion is along an ideal straight line. Any motion in a constrained direction will contribute to deviation from the ideal trajectory and/or positio...

Motorized Linear Actuator Guide

Selection Guides

Motorized Linear Actuators provide customers the ability to upgrade and motorize Newport optical mounts or manual positioners for remote and computer control. As stand-alone units, these motorized actuators are used in alignment, read head production...

Introduction to Positioning Equipment


This tutorial introduces opto-mechanical component design basics and will familiarize the reader with the issues that need consideration in the selection of the most commonly used tabletop components. It emphasizes practical issues, not mathematical ...

Custom Solutions For Motion Control


For 50 years, Newport's motion team has been developing high precision custom/OEM systems for research, industrial and aerospace customers and providing solutions from system design through manufacture to on-site installation. Today our system capabi...

Advanced Motion Control Products


Our advanced motion products represent technology platform solutions with modified standards or custom development including, but not limited to, higher load capacity, higher speed capability, long travel, higher resolution and sensitivity.

Synchrotron Application Solutions


Newport provides solutions to meet the exact needs of various experiments in synchrotron applications, ranging from X-ray scattering, imaging and XAFS to surface, material and thin film diffraction, powder diffraction, crystallography, tomography, in...

Environmental Preparation Solutions


For applications requiring special environmental preparation, you can depend on Newport's extensive product lines and vast application experience. Over the years, we have mastered the small but critical details necessary to operate in these special e...
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