Advanced Motion Control Products

Our advanced motion products represent technology platform solutions with modified standards or custom development including, but not limited to, higher load capacity, higher speed capability, long travel, higher resolution and sensitivity. Below are examples of advanced products in motorized actuators, rotation stages, long travel linear stages and high resolution Z-stage offering.

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Motorized Actuators

CMS-LLE Verin VHRU25-10V6
Up to 30 mm travel, 50 kg load capacity, 50 nm resolution, high level of cleanliness
CMS-Vertical actuator
Vertical actuator with 250kg load capacity and V6 preparation, using a RV120 rotary stage and lead screw
Up to 500 kg load capacity, high stiffness with 0.5 µm sensitivity

Rotation Stages

A RVU80V6 used in the kinematic chain of a large mirror mount
CMS-AWE 030 RVU240
The RVU240 used in an azimuth/elevation mirror mount
The RVU500 moving an Hexapod with a heavy cantilevered load
RTM660 rotary stage, 600 kg load capacity. Can support several tons
Custom URS stage with direct reading encoder for accuracy of 0.001° with error mapping

Long Travel Linear Stages

The TBU series stage - travel 400 to 1600 mm. DC or stepper motor, optional linear scale encoder
SinguLYS 1200 - high speed, high accuracy stage based on air-bearing carriage and ceramic beam

High Resolution Z-stage

CMS-Z-August DSCF1561
Vertical linear stage with backlash-free ballscrew, 20 kg load capacity, steel construction, 10 nm sensitivity
Custom high resolution Z tip tilt stage with 25mm travel in Z, +/- 3° in tip & tilt and encoder resolution of 0.6 nm