Assemblies - XY stages, XYZ stages, Gimbals

XY Stages, XYZ Stages, Gimbals and Other Multi-axis Stage Stack Solutions

  • Versatile solutions – built exclusively from standard Newport catalog products
  • Delivery – takes advantage short standard components lead time
  • Performance – leverages proven standard component performance and thereby reduces technical risk
  • Extensive Metrology – global specifications of the motion system are mutually developed and proven through extensive metrology before delivery
  • Support – design and application engineering partner with 50 years of motion control experience

Our motion control assemblies are represented in three categories: standard product assemblies, gimbals and engineered multi-axis systems.

The following images are some examples of Engineered Standard Component Systems that illustrate the breadth of versatility when using standard Newport motion components. These multi-axis stage stacks are assembled without any custom interface adapters or modification. Some popular configurations are in XY, XYZ or XY-Theta. (Linear and rotary stages, XY table, XYZ table, XY slides). Examples of the metrology includes the orthogonality of axes (typically in range between 50 µm and 250 µm) and the intersection of axes (a.k.a. sphere of confusion, in range between 0.25 mm and 1 mm). Assemblies are fully tested and configured with controllers as turn-key solution.

XYZ stages with IMS/ILS Series for high load and high stiffness.
2-Theta Rotation Stages with BGS/BGM cradles with 100 µm sphere of confusion.
XZ stages with UTS X-Z series with 50 µrad orthogonality.
XYZ table with compact VP series.
MC-ILS250 GTS30V & URS100
XZ-ThetaZ with URS, GTS30V and ILS stage for production testing.
XY-ThetaZ with RGV100BL on XM stages for wafer inspection.

Gimbal Mounts

Newport Gimbal Mounts have large installed base worldwide in research, security, aerospace and defense markets for almost 50 years. With more than a thousand units deployed around the world, Newport gimbal assembly is used in various applications such as target tracking, scanning, calibration and alignment of payloads which include cameras, telescope, seeker heads and large optics. It is also used to test and characterize gyroscope sensors for inertial navigation systems. Azimuth, Elevation and Roll assemblies are available with Newport RV and URS family stages. To accommodate various types of loads and positioning requirements, it comes in either half-yoke or full-yoke configuration with different sizes. Custom Heidenhain encoders can be integrated to provide sub-arcsec level accuracy and sensitivity, and the metrology service is provided for orthogonality and intersection of axes alignment. Motorized mirror mounted gimbal is also available in various configurations.

CMS-Azim_Elev Gimgals-WHT-S
150 kg Rangefinder Calibration Gimbal.
Azimuth Elevation with 350 mm dia. mirror for LIDAR analysis, target tracking or optical sensors testing.
Aircraft sensor test gimbal.
Azimuth/Elevation/Roll system for antenna calibration, scanning or 3D simulation.
High-Accuracy gimbal with ± 1 arcsec accuracy, 0.5 arcsec encoder resolution and 10 kg max load.
Antenna and sensor positioner for guidance and field communication systems.

Engineered Multi-axis Systems

When it comes to the most complex positioning requirements, there is no limit to what Newport can provide for meeting your application needs. With the breadth of stage offerings and extensive resource Newport has in custom motion, combination of linear and rotary axes has been done up to 12 axes with highly advanced metrology.

CMS-Banc de calibration-WHT
11-Axis motorized control system for calibration of on-vehicle safety sensors.
6-Axis multi-purpose motion system.
Position sensing detector test station with XZ assembly and laser diode.
4-Axis sensor calibration assembly.

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