Ideal for UV Laser Applications

These objectives are ideal for use with UV lasers, such as 3rd and 4th harmonic Nd:YAG lasers. The rear conjugate of these UV fused silica objective lenses is corrected for infinity, ideal for interacting with collimated laser beams. The optical design is computer optimized to yield better than λ/5 total wavefront distortion from 350-1064 nm. The objectives feature our AR.10 UV antireflection coatings for 245-440 nm. The lenses are made with high purity UV Fused Silica glass with minimal autofluoresence and scattering, resulting in low attenuation and high damage threshold.

UV Grade Fused Silica Construction

The lenses are fabricated from UV grade fused silica for high power-handling capability. Damage threshold exceeds 8 J/cm2 with 12 nsec pulses at 1064 nm. The housing has a standard microscope objective thread for easy mounting.