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Objective Lens, Laser Diode, Aspheric, 0.40 NA, 6.24 mm, 510-1550 nm
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Objective Lens, Laser Diode, Aspheric, 0.50 NA, 2.0 mm, 460-1550 nm
Objective Lens, Laser Diode, Aspheric, 0.30 NA, 6.16 mm, 430-1550 nm
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3 Weeks
Objective Lens, Laser Diode, Aspheric, 0.25 NA, 11 mm, 350-1550 nm
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Great Versatility for Use With Most Laser Diodes

Our aspheric lenses are diffraction-limited molded glass lenses with typical wavefront quality better than λ/20 rms. The objectives are corrected for standard laser diode cover glass and optimized specifically for collecting and collimating light output from laser diodes. As laser diodes commonly have fairly high divergence angles we offer various numerical aperture lenses (from 0.25 to 0.5) to match the divergence angle of the particular diode being used. Further, we offer multiple focal lengths to accommodate your specific collimated beam diameter. The objectives are made with aspheric elements with broadband MgF2 broadband AR coatings centered at 780nm, resulting in reasonably low reflectivity from visible through near IR wavelengths.

Standard RMS Threads

All of these objectives are packaged in a microscope objective housing with standard RMS thread. They are compatible with our F-Series fiber coupling devices and ULTRAlign™ fiber positioners.