• Mechanism
  • Angular Range
    ±7 °
  • Material
    Low CTE Stainless Steel
  • Thread Type
    8-32 (M4) CLR


Low CTE - Low Thermal Shift

The Suprema mounts' stainless steel alloy has a low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) which means less deflection at elevated temperatures, smaller thermal shift, and long-term alignment stability.

254-TPI Means Ultra-Fine Adjustment

The SX series Suprema mounts are fitted with ultra-fine 254-TPI adjusters to provide alignment sensitivity as low as 1.5 arc sec.

Stainless Steel - Optically Black

Although they are made from stainless steel, the Suprema XTE mounts have an optically black finish to reduce stray light reflections. 

Consistent Feel

In addition to the superior sensitivity of the higher TPI adjusters, the Suprema XTE mounts have consistent, smooth adjustability and feel, owing to the 3V kinematic configuration of the contact points. Because of the 2-point V-groove contact across each of the adjustment screws, the turning resistance is the same on each actuator.