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  • Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Mechanism


Unmatched Performance

The Classic SUPREMA is the industry's best performing modular optical mount, setting the standard for stability and adjustability in today's demanding research and industrial applications. Suprema mounts provide the feel necessary to tune the most sensitive set-ups and the stability to hold that position better than any other mount on the market.

In-Process Heat Treatment

Every Suprema mount is heat treated as part of the fabrication process. Heat treating relieves the build up of fabrication stresses which improve the overall stability of the mount.

Precision Polished Carbide Pads

Suprema SN100 and SU100 series mirror mounts are made with super hard 10 µ-in. precision-polished tungsten carbide kinematic pads ensuring a highly stable kinematic mechanism.

The Stainless Steel Advantage

All Suprema mirror mounts are made from stainless steel making them the most stable and easiest to align.  Stainless steel is 3X stiffer than aluminum so it flexes significantly less allowing easier alignment.  Stainless steel's coefficient of thermal expansion is lower than aluminum making it more stable during temperature fluctuations.  Stainless steel makes Suprema the flag ship of Newport’s mirror mount offering.

127-TPI Adjusters - Now Standard

All SN100 series mounts are equipped our AJS 127-TPI locking adjustment screws. This gives them an angular range of ± 7° and provides a 27% improvement in adjustment sensitivity over competing mounts having 100-TPI adjusters. Better adjustability means faster, easier alignment.

Removable Actuators

The Suprema SU100 and SN100 design allows actuators to be removed and installed with ease. Loosening the lock nut lets the actuator gently slide out from the mount enabling reconfiguration for specific applications.  This industry-standard 9.5-mm bore allows many different types of actuators to be used with these versatile mirror mounts. Suprema mounts are compatible not only with standard actuator screws, but also with micrometers, Allen-key adjusters and differential micrometers.

The Clear Edge Advantage

With the Clear Edge design, beams can be reflected from one mount to another at smaller incident angles (Φ) taking less space between the mounts (d). Clear Edge Mounts are also ideal for compensating for pulse dispersion effects through multiple reflections on Chirped Mirrors.

Save 10% More With 10 Packs

When you are starting a new lab and you want the best for less, the SU100 as well as SN100C Suprema mirror mounts are sold in cost-saving packs of 10, providing a built-in discount of 10%. See list below for available options:

Check out all the cost-saving packs at www.newport.com/packs.