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Fiber Adaptor, FC, 1 in. Dia. I/F, 0.20 thick
Fiber Adaptor, FCA, 1 in. Dia. I/F, 0.20 thick
Fiber Adaptor, SMA, 25.4 mm Diameter, 5.1 mm Thick
Fiber Chuck Adaptor, 0.25 in., 1.0 in. Optic Mounts


Fiber Chuck Adapter

The UPA-FC adapts standard 0.25 in. diameter fiber chucks to 1 in. Optic Mounts. It secures the fiber chuck with a single set screw and has a reference mark for use with the degree scale on the 561-RFC (shown), fiber chuck rotation mount.

SMC, FC, FCA Adapters

These fiber optic adapters hold connectorized fibers having SMA, FC, or FCA terminations.  They are designed to fit into mirror mounts, lens mounts or any other mount that can hold a 25.4 mm diameter optic.

Compatible with 1-in.Mounts

All of the UPA series fiber adapters are compatible with 1-in. diameter mirror mounts.  Shown here is the Suprema® SX100-F2KN-254 mirror mount holding a bare fiber using the UPA-FC fiber chuck adaptor and the 561-RFC fiber chuck.