Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Lamp Type Lamp Wattage Effective Arc Size Approximate Flux Approximate Brightness Availability Price
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Hg(Xe) 200 W 0.5 x 1.5 mm 4500 lm 222 cd mm-2
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In Stock
Hg(Xe), Ozone Free 200 W 0.5 x 1.5 mm 4500 lm 222 cd mm-2
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5 Weeks
Hg(Xe) 500 W 2.5 x 3.0 mm 13000 lm 500 cd mm-2
5 Weeks
2 Weeks
Hg(Xe) 1000 W 1.0 x 3.0 mm 40000 lm 360 cd mm-2
2 Weeks
5 Weeks
Hg(Xe), Ozone Free 1000 W 1.0 x 3.0 mm 40000 lm 360 cd mm-2
5 Weeks


Mercury-Xenon Arc Lamp Shelf Life

We recommend purchasing replacement mercury-xenon lamps only as needed. Hg(Xe) arc lamps do have an unspecified shelf life, which over time can cause the end cap seals to leak and degrade lamp performance. Newport strives to keep Hg-Xe bulbs in stock to reduce lead times when ordering a replacement.

Ozone Free Mercury-Xenon Lamps

UV wavelength emissions below ~260 nm create toxic ozone. Ideally, an arc lamp is operated outdoors or in a room with adequate ventilation to protect the user from ozone created. If this is not possible, an Ozone Eater should be used. However, if the application does not require wavelength emission below ~260 nm from the arc lamp, using an ozone free lamp is a convenient option.  An ozone free lamp is coated to remove the unwanted UV wavelengths.

200 W Hg(Xe) Lamps

6290 and 6291 Spectral Irradiance Plot

500 and 1000 W Hg(Xe) Lamps

66142, 6293 and 6295NS Spectral Irradiance Plot

Arc Lamp Safety

Arc lamps may emit dangerous levels of UV radiation depending on their source type. Ensure that only authorized personnel are in the vicinity of the source, and wearing the necessary safety equipment such as UV protective eyewear, clothing, and gloves. Lighted UV warning signs, posted outside laboratory doors where UV sources are operating, can prevent accidental exposure. Newport also recommends using an electronic shutter to block the beam when the source is not in use but remains turned on. Alternatively, the beam can be safely contained by using beam tubes or fiber optic cables to deliver the light to a sample. It is recommended to vent the ozone that is produced by some lamp models to the outside or use an Ozone Eater.


We offer complete light source systems as well as components for you to easily build your own systems. When used with a Research Series lamp housing, the system will need the following components:

  • Lamp
  • Lamp Socket Adapter
  • Lamp Housing (includes rear reflector and condensing lens assembly)
  • Power Supply and appropriate cables
Lamp Housing Options Lamp Model Lamp Socket Adapter Power Supply Cable Complete System 

50-500 W

6290 66169 69911 70050 Medium Power Hg-Xe
6291 66152
66142 66159

450-1000 W

66142 6379 69920 70052* High Power Hg-Xe
6293 6162
*70052 cable set is included in 69921 and 69923 housing.