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Optical Fiber Coupler, GRIN Lens, Connectorized Fibers
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Optical Fiber Coupler, GRIN Lens, Bare Fibers
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Optical Fiber Coupler, GRIN Lens, Polarization Preserving Fibers
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Compact Alignment for Light to Fiber Coupling & Collimation

GRIN Lens Fiber Couplers provide a single-unit alignment system for optical fibers with GRIN lenses to obtain efficient laser-fiber coupling and output collimation in a compact space. The Model F-925 is designed for bare fibers and FPH series chucks. Optimal coupling efficiency is achieved with 100-pitch X-Y adjustment screws to precisely control positioning. Axial Z motion is accomplished without rotation of the fiber by a knurled knob with a precision 80 TPI thread. The couplers mount to Newport tables and breadboards via a single bolt.

Couple to Polarization Preserving & Connectorized Fibers

The F-926 GRIN Lens Fiber Coupler offers coupling into bare polarization maintaining optical fibers in the same way as Model F-925, but adds a rotatable chuck mount for coupling laser light to the polarization-preserving fibers. The same fibers and chucks as Model F-925 are compatible with this coupler, but are rotated with the additional scaled mounting feature. Model F-92-C1 provides similar functionality to Model F-926 for connectorized patch cables.

Fiber Chucks and Holders

We offer a variety of Fiber Chucks and Holders for bare or connectorized fiber. The preferred fiber chucks for use with the F-915, F-915T and F-925 are the FPH-J four-jaw fiber chuck with Teflon liner for fibers less than 250 microns in diameter, and the FPH-DJ Delrin-jawed chuck for fibers 250 microns to 1 mm diameter. The FPH-S and FPH-S-2.5 slotted fiber chucks for fibers of 100-200 micron diameter are most often used with the F-916, F-916T and F-926because of their quick insertion and stress free holding capability. The FPH Series connectorized fiber chucks FPH-CAx are designed for use with Models F-91-C1, F-91-C1-T and F-92-C1.

Collimators for Fiber to Fiber Coupling Systems

One coupler provides out-coupled collimated light, which allows for two couplers to be used together for efficient fiber-to-fiber coupling. An instruction sheet provides helpful advice on aligning the coupler with an external source or a second coupler. GRIN lenses are available for multiple wavelength ranges. Please see Gradient Index Micro Lenses for lenses to use with these couplers. These couplers are compatible with Grin lens with a diameter of 0.188 in. (4.77 mm) or less.