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Deuterium Lamp, 30W, High Uniformity, 1 mm Arc Diameter, Full Spectrum
Deuterium Lamp, 30W, High Irradiance & Stability, 0.5 mm Arc, Ozone Free
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Two Lamp Choices

Choose a lamp first by the shortest wavelength you need. If you aren't working below 180 nm, choose an ozone free lamp. The high irradiance lamps have a very small, 0.5 mm, arc for producing both the highest irradiance and highest radiance, but they are also more expensive than the high uniformity lamps.  Model 63163 is no longer available for ordering, though the graph is retained for legacy support reference.

  • 63162 : Very uniform beam distribution from 1 mm arc diameter with output down to 160 nm.
  • 63165 : Ozone free with small 0.5 mm arc diameter with uniform beam distribution and output down to 180 nm.

Series Q Lamp Housings

Deuterium lamps can be operated in a Series Q Lamp Housing. The housing requires a condensing lens assembly that collects and collimates the lamp’s radiation. Output is a 1.3 inch (33 mm) diameter beam. An optional rear reflector can be installed to increase light output.

Deuterium Lamp Construction

Deuterium lamps are arc lamps filled with deuterium, at low pressure. Deuterium lamps emit only from one side and in one direction, unlike arc lamps, which radiate in all directions. Collection is therefore easy and efficient. The window material determines the DUV output of the lamp. Ozone free models use UV Glass, which does not transmit below 180 nm.

Safety Considerations

Deuterium lamps emit high intensity ultraviolet radiation. Always use Ultraviolet Safety Equipment like protective eyewear, clothing, and gloves when working in the vicinity of these lamps.