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Mirror Mount, Pint-Sized, Center, 0.5 in., 3 Allen-Keys
In Stock
In Stock
Mirror Mount, Commercial, Center, 1.0 in., 2 Locking Allen-Keys
6 Weeks
6 Weeks
Mirror Mount, Classic, Center, 1.0 in., 3 Allen-Keys
In Stock
In Stock
Mirror Mount, Classic, Center, 1.0 in., 3 Locking Allen-Keys
5 Weeks
5 Weeks
Mirror Mount, Classic, Center, 2.0 in., 3 Allen-Keys
In Stock
In Stock


  • Mechanism
  • Actuator Drive
    Hex Key
  • Adjustment Screw Thread
    80 TPI
  • Angular Range
  • Optic Loading
  • Material
    Anodized Aluminum
  • Thread Type
    8-32 (M4) CLR


Thread-matched Adjusters

Since grease can migrate, causing long-term creep, our New Focus mounts are exclusively fitted with thread-matched adjustment screws which take almost no grease.  The result is actuators that have very smooth, wobble-free movement, high precision, and mounts with exceptional long-term and thermal stability.

Sapphire Kinematic Pads

Sapphire kinematic pads create contact surfaces for the adjustment screws that have very low friction and will not will not dent under normal use. Sapphire ensures excellent 
adjustability and stability.

Commercial Mounts for OEM Use

To address the needs of our OEM customers, we offer a commercial version of our most popular mount, 9805-K. Ideal for laboratory use, as well as for building into your products, this mount features sapphire pads for excellent adjustability and durability, extra-stiff springs and actuator locks for long-term stability, and two mounting holes per side, minimizing rotation when you secure the mount. The optic can be secured either by a nylon-tip setscrew or by a retainer plate for reduced wavefront distortion.

Front side of 9805-K