OEM Industrial Optical Mounts Selection Guide


Newport offers standard mounts and accessories specifically designed for "set-and-forget" OEM applications. These products all include the key features of compact/space-saving geometry and locking Allen-Key adjustments, and certain products include additional elements such as alignment pin holes, adhesive wells, and extra stiffness. Kinematic, flexure and platform mounts are most typical for OEM applications.

Compact/Space-Saving Geometry

OEM optical systems are often constructed in tight or restricted spaces. As such, every inch of real estate is precious, so compact components that meet performance requirements are most desired. Newport offers high precision mounts with slimmer profiles and smaller footprints than that of standard mounts for research applications.

Locking Allen-Key Adjusters

Newport's OEM mounts use locking Allen-Key adjusters, which provide two benefits. Firstly, they are much more compact than adjustment knobs, saving even more space and allowing placement in tighter areas. Secondly, locking Allen-Key adjusters prevent unintended adjustment, providing users with a "set and forget" capability.


Alignment/Keying Pin Holes

Optical mounts are often placed directly on a base or platform of an OEM optical system (i.e., they are usually not post-mounted). To aid in system construction, some of our OEM mounts include alignment pin holes on the bottom of the mount to enable keying of the position and orientation by means of dowel pins. This results in repeatable system integration and prevents clocking effects. (Note: Dowel pins not included with mounts.)


Adhesive Wells in Aperture

Epoxying an optic in place can improve performance and stability for OEM applications. Some of our OEM mounts include adhesive wells in the aperture to facilitate permanently bonding the optic to the mount.


Extra Stiffness for Stability

One way to enhance long-term stability is with extra stiff springs, which can better resist misalignment from shock and vibration. Another method to improve stability is through choice of construction material. Stainless steel is three times stiffer than aluminum, so it flexes significantly less and allows easier alignment. Furthermore, stainless steel's coefficient of thermal expansion is lower than aluminum, making it more stable during temperature fluctuations.


Flexure Mounts

By presenting only the features intended for "set and forget" capability (and eliminating many features desired in research applications), flexure mounts are specifically designed for OEM applications. The spring-steel element of a flexure mount provides the means for angular positioning. The double-duty ability of the flexure provides both guided rotation as well as the spring force, enabling a more compact design.


Environmental and Other Features

Newport offers many standard, low-outgassing OEM mounts compatible with demanding vacuum and clean environments. Our mounts also incorporate high performance features for more challenging OEM applications, such as Low Wavefront Distortion mounts that hold optics in a way that minimizes wavefront distortion. Many of our mounts feature 100-TPI adjusters, and for ultra-high precision, some include 127-TPI adjusters.


Newport also provides accessories to aid in the setup and construction of OEM optical systems. Hex-Key Adjustment Screw Knobs can be temporarily inserted for fingertip control and later removed for tamper resistance. Lock nuts can provide a locking mechanism for mounts that do not include a locking adjuster. We also offer a full range of Balldriver Allen Wrenches.


Standard Optical Mounts

All OEM products from the Series listed in this table feature compact/space-saving geometry, locking Allen-Key adjustment screws (except where noted), and extra features described below.


Custom Capabilities

If our standard OEM mounts do not quite meet the requirements for your application, Newport has the capability to provide custom mounts with a combination of capabilities described above and other features. We can modify most of our standard OEM mounts, build to print from your design, or create a new custom solution tailored to your specific needs. Some examples include:

  • Special environmental modifications for low outgassing and control of photocontamination
  • Operation in challenging environments such as Deep Ultra Violet (DUV), Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV), High Energy Infrared/Pre-EUV Generation, Vacuum (10-6 Torr) and Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV, 10-9 Torr)
  • Addition of mechanical characteristics for your space constraints or mounting requirements
  • Modification of our optical mounts for non-standard sized optical components
  • Modification of our optical mounts to hold non-optical components such as flow cells, laser diode modules, sensors and fiber optic components
  • Insertion of higher or lower tension springs
U100-A2H Optical Mount modified for 10-6 Torr vacuum applications.
9814 Stability Top Mirror Mount modified for high energy infrared, pre-EUV light generation applications.
HVM-1i Vertical Drive Kinematic Optical Mount modified for DUV applications.

Please contact us to learn more about our custom OEM mounts capabilities.