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blackbody ir light source shown with blackbody controller
Blackbody Infrared Light Source


1050°C and 1200°C systems offered

The thermal energy of the blackbody's cavity is provided by a ceramic sealed heater coil. The 67030 and 67031 models use a stainless steel cavity to provide a uniformly heated cavity cylinder in the temperature range of 50°C to 1050°C. The 67032 and 67033 models use a silicon carbide cavity to provide a uniformly heated cavity cylinder in the temperature range of 50°C to 1200°C.

Eight position aperture wheel and internal fan integrated

An eight position aperture wheel is integrated into these blackbodies. The aperture wheel includes 7 apertures and 1 open position, leaving the blackbody's 1.0 inch (25.4 mm) diameter cavity completely unobstructed. The aperture wheel allows the aperture size to be adjusted to 15.2, 10.2, 5.1, 2.5, 1.3, 0.64, and 0.32 mm diameter dimensions. An internal fan is also integrated into the blackbody to maintain the source at a cool temperature, allowing it to be handled.

Controller included for simple setting of temperature and operating parameters

A digital temperature controller is included with each blackbody to allow for simple control of the parameters that influence the characteristics of the blackbody's radiating surface. This controller works on a Proportional, Integral, and Derivative system to provide stable temperature control, fast response time, and prevent excessive settling time and temperature overshoot.

LCD menu display for real time monitoring of operating parameters

All temperature and operating parameter adjustments and indicators are adjusted and displayed through the temperature controller. This user friendly component contains a 7 LED indicator system of vital controller/blackbody activity, a large LED display of blackbody temperature, and an interactive LCD menu display for easy setting and presentation of important parameters. For users that prefer external control, this controller has a GPIB/IEEE-488 port for computer interface.