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Beam Probe Mount, 1.5 Inch Series, No Flange
Beam Probe Mount, 2 Inch Series, No Flange
Beam Probe Mount, Post Mountable
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Beam Probe Mount, 1.5 inch Series, Male Flange
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Beam Probe Mount, 1.5 inch Series, Female Flange


Post Mounted Holder

The 77612 post mounted holder provides a simple solution for holding a beam probe at a specific place and height. The beam probe is secured within the holder by a set screw and comes pre-installed with an SP-3 3-in. post. It can be mounted to an optical breadboard using any 0.5-in. post holder (sold separately).

Flanged Mounts

Flanged mounts for beam probes compatible with standard Oriel 1.5-in. flange are available. These flanges hold the 11-mm ferrule of Oriel light guides and have either a 1.5-in. male (model 77803) or female (model 77873) flange. They are especially useful for mounting a focusing beam probe at the entrance of a monochromator. If additional coupling accessories are necessary – for example, setups in which two same-sex flanges or flanges of different sizes need to be coupled – a complete set of Flange Couplers and Adapters are available for all possible mounting situations.

No-Flange Mounts

Newport also offers easy to use post-mountable beam probe mounts with no flange. A beam probe can simply be slid into the holder, adjusted for optimal position and secured with a set screw. The mounts have a 1/4-20 thread on the bottom to connect an optical post and holder of your choice, providing the flexibility to meet the exact height of the measurement setup. Model 76615 beam probe mount holds 1.5-in. series (diameter) beam probes for free space coupling, and model 76616 holds 2.0-in. series (diameter) beam probes.