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XYZ Linear Stage, ULTRAlign, 0.5 in., Right-Handed, 8-32 and 1/4-20
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XYZ Linear Stage, ULTRAlign, 0.5 in., Left-Handed, 8-32 and 1/4-20
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XYZ Linear Stage, ULTRAlign, 12.7 mm, Right-Handed, M4 and M6
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XYZ Linear Stage, ULTRAlign, 12.7 mm, Left-Handed, M4 and M6
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Actuators are not included. Three actuators are required. Please see specifications for recommended actuators.


  • Axes of Travel
    X, Y, Z
  • Maximum Stage Travel
    12.7 mm
  • Centered Load Capacity
    156 N
  • Angular Deviation
    <100 µrad
  • Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Bearings
    Crossed-Roller Bearings
  • Platform Size
    63 x 95.3 mm
  • Height
    69.9 mm


Rigid Crossed Roller Bearings Eliminate Flexure Resonances

Spring-flexures have been touted as the best design method for ultra-precise positioning, but they are inherently susceptible to vibrational disturbances. Their low natural frequency makes them extremely sensitive to everyday lab activities - even walking or talking could disturb your experimental measurements. Touching a flexure component or the optical table can cause changes in the stage position, causing large variations in the output signal. This sensitivity can make fine manual adjustment difficult or sometimes impossible and forces the use of more expensive motion control systems.

Crossed roller bearings, when optimally pre-loaded, are not as susceptible to vibration, giving the ULTRAlign™ far greater stability and stiffness than positioners with flexure designs. With the precision and stability made possible by crossed roller bearing construction, in many cases manual micrometers can be substituted for piezoelectric actuators without degrading positioning performance.

High Load Capacity Stage for Alignment

562 Series ULTRAlign™ Linear Stages are 3-axis, stainless steel translation stages with a rugged build well suited to higher load capacities (up to 35 lb.). The robust design and higher mass also makes them ideally suited for high-use industrial manufacturing and high-use research applications, as well as having greater thermal stability. Smooth motion along each axis is provided by the crossed-roller bearings and precision-manufactured bearing surfaces, similar to the 461 ULTRAlign series, but larger diameter bearings increase the stiffness of the stage. Exceptionally linear travel, with angular deviation <100 µrad about any axis, is verified with our six-axis interferometer to ensure optimal precision. Each stage axis is equipped with a non-influencing locking mechanism to maintain sub-micron positioning when locking or unlocking.

Left or Right Handed Configurations

ULTRAlign™ XYZ stages come in mirror-image right and left-hand versions. This permits all micrometers to be located on the same side, so there's never a need to reach over your work to make adjustments on the opposite side. It also means you have more flexibility in how you lay out your experiment on the table. All adjustments can be made with the hand resting on the table for maximum comfort, added stability, and increased sensitivity.

Lock Securely Without Interfering With Alignment

Each axis of the 562 Series ULTRAlign™ Linear Stages is equipped with a non-influencing locking mechanism to maintain alignment with sub-micron sensitivity when engaging or disengaging.

Easy to Interchange Actuators

Actuator mounts for each axis of these stages allow their use with either manual micrometers or motorized actuators for customized step precision, as well as their easy interchange for wide applicability. All actuators are located below the top surface level to accommodate multiple platform configurations.

Fiber Optic Alignment Versions

For fiber applications, the 562F-XYZ is a 562-XYZ stage with a top mounting rail and additional bottom base plate attached for an optical axis height of 98.4 mm. The robust design of the 562 Series stages makes them ideal for repetitive, high use fiber optic manufacturing and research applications. Metric and left-handed versions of the 562F-XYZ are also available as part of the ULTRAlign Precision Fiber Optic Alignment Stages family.

Individually Tested to Guarantee <100 µrad Deviation

Each ULTRAlign Stainless Steel Crossed-Roller Translation Stage is tested individually to ensure it meets the <100 µrad angular deviation requirement. We don't just say it, we guarantee it. The actual test results are included with each stage.