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Lockable Differential Micrometer, 13 mm Coarse, 0.2 mm Fine, 11 lb.
Lockable Differential Micrometer, 25 mm Coarse, 0.2 mm Fine,11 lb. Load
Lockable Differential Micrometer, 6 mm Coarse, 0.2 mm Fine, 11 lb. Load
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Differential Micrometer Drive

When manual resolution of much less than one micrometer is needed, a differential screw is recommended. A differential micrometer uses a spindle with two opposing screw threads of slightly differing pitches (P1 and P2). As the spindle rotates, the net travel of the micrometer tip is : 1/Peff = 1/P1 - 1/P2. This mechanism allows extremely small adjustments using commonly available screws.

Lockable Coarse and Fine Adjustments

The DM-L Series is the first actuator where both coarse and fine travel can be locked with a single knob. Coarse positioning enables rapid translation with a sensitivity of 1 µm while the fine adjustment knob allows ultra-fine positioning over 0.2 mm travel, with 0.1 µm sensitivity.

Compatible With a Wide Range of Newport Stages and Mounts

DM-L micrometers have the industry-standard 9.5 mm mounting interface making them both interchangeable with other micrometers and compatible with Newport stages and mounts like those listed below.

  • 461/462 Series
  • 561/562 Series
  • 423 Series
  • 426 Series
  • 460P Series
  • 460A Series
  • 401/406 Series
  • RS Series
  • GON Series