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Digital Micrometer, 25.4 mm Travel, ±2 µm Accuracy
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Data Link, DMH-1 Digital Micrometer, USB Interface
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Data Link for Rapid Data Transfer

The DMH-DL-U Data Link allows users of the DMH-1 Digital Micrometer a direct line to quickly and accurately transfer the numerical data, in electronic format, to a spreadsheet or word processor. Data from the digital micrometer is transferred with a simple button push.

Advanced Micrometer Functionality

The DMH-1 will display in inches or millimeters instantly with a push of a button. Added features include SPC output, a position lock, and auto shut-off. The Preset key allows the operator to set any desired measurement on the display and recall that measurement with a simple push of a button. The Zero key allows setting zero measurement at any point along the spindle travel.

No More Guessing the Position

The digital numeric display on the DMH-1 eliminates the variability error found in reading graduated marks on standard micrometers.

Compatible with Newport Stages

  • 461/462 Series
  • 561/562 Series
  • 423/433 Series
  • 426/436 Series
  • 460P Series
  • 460A Series
  • 401/406 Series
  • RS Series
  • GON Series