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0.1 mm XY Strain-gauge
0.1 mm XYZ Strain-gauge
0.1 mm XYZ Open-loop
0.2 mm X Strain-gauge
0.4 mm X Strain-gauge



Sub-Nanometer Positioning Resolution

With positioning resolution as low as 0.2 nm, the NPX Piezo Stack linear stage make ultra-fine adjustments with resolution only limited by the noise of the control electronics.

Large Piezoelectric Travel Range

NPX Piezo Stack linear stages feature highly reliable, multi-layer, low-voltage piezoelectric transducer stacks for high-duty cycle operations. A sophisticated, FEA-optimized, parallelogram solid state flexure guide system ensures perfect parallel motion and up to 400 µm travel range. Due to the frictionless guide principle, NPX Piezo Stack linear stages are maintenance-free and are not subject to wear. Furthermore, the output motion sensitivity is not affected by mechanical friction.

Integrated Strain-Gauge for Closed-Loop Operation

The closed-loop systems (SG models) feature high resolution strain-gauge position sensors for highly accurate and repeatable motion which also compensates for actuator creep. The assembly is done as a full Wheatstone bridge and is temperature insensitive. The closed-loop devices can be used in either open or closed-loop control.

Motion in X, XY, or XYZ

NPX Piezo Stack linear stages are available as X, XY, and XYZ motion systems. The multi-axis XY and XYZ devices utilize an advanced parallel motion principle, meaning all actuators act directly on the moving platform. Smaller form factor and lower inertia for faster motion can be achieved as opposed to other piezo systems with serial kinematics such as stacks of individual stages.