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Polarization Controller, In-Line, 50 µm Fiber
Fiber Polarization Controller, Male FC/PC Bulkhead Connectors [Discontinued]
Fiber Polarization Controller, Male FC/APC Bulkhead Connectors [Discontinued]
Polarization Controller, Fiber Pigtail, No Connectors [Discontinued]
Polarization Controller, Fiber Pigtail, FC/APC Connectors [Discontinued]
Polarization Controller, Fiber Pigtail, FC/UPC Connectors [Discontinued]


  • Wavelength Range
    1260-1650 nm
  • Fiber Type
    Single Mode
  • Extinction Ratio
    40 dB
  • Typical Insertion Loss
    <0.5 dB
    (F-POL-IL & F-POL-PT: 0.05 dB)
  • Return Loss
    >45 dB to >65 dB
  • Operating Temperature
    -40 to 85°C


Babinet-Soleil Compensator for Polarization Control

Manual polarization controllers are based on an all-fiber Babinet-Soleil Compensator. The patented design can be used to generate any polarization state at the output from an arbitrary input polarization state.

Schematics of a polarization controller using Babinet-Soleil compensator principle

Three Design Styles Available

The In-Line version, F-POL-IL, offers great flexibility by allowing the insertion of a 250 µm buffered optical fiber. The Pigtailed version, F-POL-PT, includes two 9/125 µm fiber pigtails, with 900 µm jackets, with no connectors, FC/UPC, or FC/APC connectors. The bulkhead versions, F-POL-PC and F-POL-APC, are available with either FC/PC or FC/APC connectors.

Rotatable Fiber Squeezer Mechanism

The device comprises a rotatable fiber squeezer mechanism that rotates around the optical fiber while adding no intrinsic loss or back-reflection, and allows polarization adjustments in two quick and easy steps. Applying a pressure to the fiber produces a linear birefringence, effectively creating a fiber wave plate whose retardation varies with the pressure. Simple squeeze-and-turn operations can generate any desired polarization state from any arbitrary input polarization.

Compact and Insensitive to Photonic Effects

In addition to their compact size, the controllers are insensitive to variations in fiber material, diameter or wavelength of the light passing through the fiber.