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Fiber Optic Depolarizer, 1550 nm, 10 m Coherence Length, FC/APC
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Small, Rugged Package

A surprisingly small package of 85 x 60 x 10 mm. The rugged package design provides high performance and superb environmental stability.

Advanced Technique

The depolarizer works by splitting the input beam into two equally powered beams of orthogonal polarization, delaying one beam with respect to the other, then recombining them using a polarization beam combiner. The relative delay between the orthogonally polarized beams is larger than the coherence length of the source, thereby eliminating the fixed phase relationship between them when they are recombined.

Depolarizing Effect

These devices dramatically reduce the effects of polarization dependent loss (PDL) in polarization sensitive optical components and instruments, and can be used for depolarizing pump lasers to eliminate the polarization sensitivity of Raman Amplifiers.


  • Minimizing polarization sensitivity of fiber sensors
  • Removal of polarization sensitivity of Raman amplifiers and other optical instruments
  • Reduction of polarization dependent loss (PDL) of optical components