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Motorized Vertical Stage, 25 mm Travel, Linear Motor, 5 N Load
3 Weeks
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Motorized Vertical Stage, 50 mm Travel, Linear Motor, 5 N Load
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Reliable Design

Built with high strength aluminum alloy, the base of each MLT stage is optimized with Finite Element Method (FEM) for the highest rigidity and best thermal performance. Select components like long life and high load crossed roller bearings, high force linear motors and high precision linear encoders are added with not only performance, but also reliability in mind. Built in limit switches prevent over travel and collision. Significant tests were conducted to ensure the high reliability performance of the MLT.

Ironless Motor

MLT series stages are equipped with MKS designed ironless motors that include hall effect sensors and thermistor in a very compact size. Compared to iron core motors, the main advantage of ironless motors is better speed stability (no cogging) and shorter settling time, which is critical for fiber alignment applications.

Low Cost of Ownership

MLT series compact, low profile and fast stages utilize less space, operate with higher accelerations and speeds, reducing operating costs. Also, due to their high reliability design they require low initial investment and need less maintenance.

A Variety of Configurations

The MLT series also offers linear translation stages with travel range from 25 mm to 250 mm. They can be built into XY stacks utilizing the available mounting holes. Pre-assembled XYZ stacks are available in the short travel 25 mm and 50 mm ranges. 

Counter Balance Sheets

The vertical stages come with 4 removable magnetic counter balance sheets to accommodate a range of vertical loads, while maintaining excellent positioning performance. The number of sheets in use depends on customer payload.

Plug and Play ESP Compatible

The MLT is compatible with XPS series standard MKS controllers that support plug and play ESP technology, making startup really easy without the need for complex driver configuration. (Note that for XY configurations, manual parameter setting is required.)

Load Characteristics

Compatible Controllers

Compatible motion controllers for these XM series linear motor/direct drive driven stages are:

See our Stage-Controller Compatibility technical note for complete stages and controllers compatibility.