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Low GDD Ultrafast Mirror, 45° AOI, 12.7 mm, 700-930 nm
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Low GDD Ultrafast Mirror, 45° AOI, 25.4 mm, 700-930 nm
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Low GDD Ultrafast Mirror, 45° AOI, 25.4 mm, 700-930 nm, Pack of 10
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Ultrafast Flat Mirror, 25.4 mm Dia., 700-930 nm
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Low GDD Ultrafast Mirror, 45° AOI, 50.8 mm, 700-930 nm
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High Reflectance UF.25 Ultrafast Coating

UF.25 ultrafast mirror coating is designed to provide maximum reflectivity and bandwidth with minimum effect on pulse dispersion. Careful thin film design and an advanced coating process result in a broadband mirror with exceptional performance characteristics. This coating is optimized at 45° AOI for steering ultrafast pulsed lasers and provides simultaneous reflectance for both S- and P-polarized light, over 99% reflectance from 730-870nm for P-polarization and 700-930nm for S-polarization.

Low GDD and the Cubic Term

Group delay dispersion (GDD) and the cubic term of the phase expansion are shown below for reference. True mirror performance can be affected by manufacturing tolerances and repeatability. Newport minimizes these effects with the use of state-of-the-art thin film production equipment and computer controlled processes. These mirrors have been successfully field tested at several university and industrial laboratories engaged in ultrafast studies and have been found to have high performance very closely matching these calculated curves.

Leaky Mirror

The rear surface of the low GDD ultrafast mirror is uncoated and polished to allow undistorted transmission of leaked ultrafast beams. A tiny component of incident ultrafast beam will transmit through the mirror and may be measured to characterize the ultrafast pulses.

High Laser Damage Threshold

Our ultrafast laser mirrors have been laboratory tested for laser damage. They were found to withstand 1 TW/cm2 peak power with 100 fsec pulses at 5 kHz at 800 nm.

N-BK7 Substrates

N-BK7 is a relatively hard Borosilicate glass that offers good scratch resistance with a very low level of inclusions. For more information, refer to the optical material technical note.

Fused Silica Substrates

Fused Silica is synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide of extremely high purity. This non-crystalline, colorless silica glass combines a low content of inclusions with high refractive index homogeneity, a very low thermal expansion coefficient, and excellent transmittance in the wavelength regime from UV to NIR. As a result, these mirrors will perform better with temperature fluctuations and is ideal for high-energy laser applications due to its high energy damage threshold. For more information, please see our Optical Materials technical note.

Slight Wedge to Suppress Interference Effects

Our ultrafast mirrors may be used as dichroic mirrors in pump probe laser applications. The mirrors have a 30 arc minute wedge angle to suppress interference fringes for the transmitted beam. Note that performance outside of the specified wavelength range cannot be guaranteed.

Mirror-Mount Bundles Available

10B20UF.25 is also available in mirror-mount bundles, an ideal packaged set for Ultrafast applications.

Bundle Mirror Mount
UF25-SN100 10B20UF.25 SN100C-F2K
UF25-U100 10B20UF.25 U100-A2K-NL

SAVE by purchasing a pack of 10!

A convenient pack of ten 10B20UF.25 mirrors is also offered at a discount for customers outfitting new laboratories or new research applications.