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Universal Filter Wheel, Flange Mount, Motorized
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USFW-100 Demonstration Video

Explore the features of the universal filter wheel model USFW-100 as depicted in this product video.

Flange Mounting for Light-Tight Connection

Background light affects the readings of measurements by creating an offset in the true readings. One method of preventing this issue is to configure a light-tight coupling system prior to taking measurements. Another method is to employ a chopper with a lock-in digital amplifier, such as Newport’s LIDA-SRS-KIT. This kit is able to separate the background noise from the desired signal. However, high levels of background light may still saturate the detector or camera being employed. The flanges on these filter wheels seal the light path, preventing unwanted signals from affecting measurements.

Compatible with Many Products

Each filter wheel features a 1.5-in. Oriel male connector on one side and a 1.5-in. Oriel female connector on the other side. This allows the filter wheel to be coupled to a wide variety of Oriel products. With the use of adapters LT10-UADPT or LT20-UADPT, these filter wheels are also compatible with the Newport Lens Tube (LT) flanging system. Larger filter wheels feature a #1/4-20 threaded hole to provide additional support by rod mounting the housings.

Powered and Controlled by Compatible Spectroscopy Instruments

The USFW-100 Motorized Filter Wheel has been designed to operate with the Oriel CS130B, CS260B, and legacy monochromators (CS130, CS260), as well as the legacy MS260i and MS257 imaging spectrographs. A ribbon cable required for power and communication is sold separately.

Software Controllable Motorized Models

The USFW-100 model is powered and controlled through its related monochromators and spectrographs. Control is achieved through use of the Mono Utility, Mono Term or optional TracQ Basic software. A filter may also be selected through use of the optional 74009 or 77709 hand controllers designed for use with Oriel monochromators and spectrographs. All compatible spectroscopy instruments include command sets for their filter wheels, which may be used to write customized code.

Stand-Alone Motorized Models for Maximum Flexibility

The USFW-100 is a single filter wheel housing with no separate controller box. Communication with a computer is established through a USB connection (USB cable is included in the package), and its utility software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit). The USFW-100 also features a pushbutton to manually advance the filter without requiring a computer. Please note that 1-in. lens tubes and a spanner wrench are compatible but sold separately.

Wide Variety of Selectable Filters

Our motorized filter wheels are compatible with a wide variety of selectable optical filters, including our 1-in. (25.4-mm) diameter high performance colored glass alternative longpass filters.