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Miniature Linear Stage, Ball Bearing, 0.5 in. Travel, 8-32 Thread
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Miniature Linear Stage, Ball Bearing, 1.0 in. Travel, 8-32 and 1/4-20
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Miniature Stackable Linear Ball Bearings Stages

As with standard-sized ball bearing stages, the Miniature Ball Bearing Linear Stages are stackable and travel on stainless steel ball bearings that roll between pairs of precision-ground steel rods. Shown here is three 411-05S stages and 411B bracket assembled for XYZ configuration.

80 TPI Screws for Fine Step Control

Translation of these stages is controlled using ball-tipped, 80 TPI screws and are spring loaded against the platform to provide for 1µm step resolution and low backlash performance. For further customization, the spring and drive can be removed to allow external driving of the linear slide motion. Threaded holes on both the platform and the mounting rail provide a variety of convenient options both for components, including optical posts, and stacking of the stages for multi-axis travel. Components are moved along the vertical axis using the (reversible) Model 411B Bracket for mounting.

< 200 µrad Angular Deviation

The stages are preloaded to provide smooth, accurate motion with < 200 µrad deviation, but come in a compact design for 1.0-in. or 0.5-in. (25.4 or 12.7 mm) travel. The final size of the stages measure either 1.31-in. (33.3 mm) or 2.56-in. (65.0 mm) long in a square and rectangular shape, respectively.